Thomas Gowing

Thomas Gowing

Thomas Gowing, former wrestling coach at Eureka High School in Eureka, California has been charged with 14 counts of statutory rape in relation to an incident involving an underage female who remains anonymous.

This deponent believes Todd outlived Thomas by several years and claims not to have heard any division of land between Todd and Thomas.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Gowing is a prominent conservative jurist who adheres to close readings of the Constitution. While he long advocated originalism, his views have recently evolved on certain issues; even seemingly minor changes in thinking may have major ramifications for their legacy as justices.

Justice Thomas has served on the Supreme Court since 1991 and has become known for his strict interpretations of constitutional provisions and his originalism ideology. Additionally, he has had an outsized impact on right-wing legal opinions.

He hails from Whangarei, New Zealand and was selected to travel to London as part of the Young Shakespeare Company 2012. At Victoria University of Wellington he earned a bachelor’s degree in Design Innovation before transitioning to working as both theatre actor and freelance designer/marketer in Auckland before eventually moving on to Los Angeles.

Professional Career

Thomas Gowing has made his mark as both a television writer and producer, staff writer for the Los Angeles Times, author of several books such as Normal Schools: And the Principles of Government Interference With Education as well as numerous television scripts.

He was initially charged with 14 felony counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor; he has since entered pleas of guilty for one felony count and three misdemeanors. Furthermore, the victim received $1100 as restitution.

Thomas Gowing likely first set foot on American soil at Jamestown, which would later fall victim to marauding Indians and be burned and destroyed by them. There have been no records identifying his descendants since this place likely met its demise.

Achievement and Honors

Gowing was recognized for his calm nature and deliberate delivery of classroom material in his classroom setting, earning him recognition as Teacher of the Year by nominators. Furthermore, his dedication and ability to work with all levels of student interest is noted.

Cottage Grove resident Gowing is dedicated to community service projects and civic endeavors, such as helping facilitate the purchase of property for a memorial bench to honor Clarence Olson – an active-duty veteran who would sit near Main and 16th streets to wave to passing motorists from his wheelchair. In 2019, he assisted in this endeavor by purchasing property.

He has also provided assistance to Homes for Good housing agency and played an instrumental role in bringing SquareOne Cottage Village co-op into town in 2020. Additionally, he serves on multiple boards and was president of Oregon Mayors Association from 2015-16.

Personal Life

Thomas Gowing wears multiple hats: writer, actor, teacher and activist. Additionally, he is father to a young daughter and part of an extensive legacy that fights for human rights and social justice.

Gowing is a passionate Catholic and fierce supporter of women’s equality. He also wrote a book on the philosophy of beards; in it he asserts that beards serve more than one purpose – including warning against fashion’s follies.

1703 August 25 – Thomas Gowing acknowledged Danll McCarty as his Attorney during an account brought against Charnock Cox by him, Westmoreland County Court Orders 1698-1705 page 200a. Additionally he is a member of Knights of Malta a fraternal organization that promotes charity and chivalry.

Net Worth

Thomas Gowing has amassed an estimated net worth of $500 Million through various business ventures and generous charitable giving.

Though his past has been marked by alcoholism and substance abuse, he has never run afoul of the law before; indeed, according to his lawyer he boasts an impeccable criminal record. Additionally, he is an excellent father and husband – his family being of paramount importance: four children and two grandchildren!

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