Thomas Graley

Thomas Graley, 38, Pleaded Guilty to Beating His Live-In Girlfriend to Death in November

Ashtabula County, Ohio (WOIO) — A 38-year-old Ohio man has pleaded guilty to the killing of Nicole Booth, 34 years old. Nicole died due to trauma to her head and trunk from being hit repeatedly with an object before succumbing.

After being determined as competent to stand trial by means of a competency evaluation, Graley waived his right to appeal the verdict voluntarily.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Graley was born June 22 in Franklin County, Virginia. As the first Graley to settle in Cobb’s Creek he built a blacksmith shop as well as starting farming operations there.

At his plea hearing, the court provided Graley with information regarding his rights. They concluded that Graley knowingly and voluntarily waived his rights to a jury trial, confrontation of witnesses, summons of witnesses not be forced to testify and having the state prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

Judge David Schroeder handed down the sentence against Christopher Graley for the 2021 beating death of Nicole Booth, found with severe facial and head trauma including severe bruising and cigarette burns. Graley was given 25 years to life imprisonment in court.

Professional Career

Thomas Graley is an academic and tutor at the University of Law in England and Wales. Currently serving as BPC Civil Team Leader of their Law School’s BPC Civil Team, Thomas provides instruction in contract law, public law and commercial dispute resolution as well as overseeing Bar Society Advocacy Scholars mooting competitions.

On November 15th 2021, Dorset Township police were dispatched to investigate Nicole Booth’s reported beating death. When officers arrived, they found her unresponsive with severe facial and arm bruising as well as cigarette burns on both arms.

She later died at University Hospitals Geauga Medical Center after telling deputies they were having an argument when she suddenly fell to the ground and stopped breathing, prompting a warrant being issued against him and keeping him jailed on $500,000 bond.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Graley is a Yale University Professor of Chemical Engineering who has received both the Merck Award and Academic Excellence in Chemistry award. Additionally, he was nominated to join Phi Lambda Upsilon. Additionally, Thomas has received many other honors throughout his career.

Formerly, he served as Director of Research at Argonne National Laboratory and faculty member in electrical engineering at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Additionally, he published over one hundred papers in scientific journals and books.

He is an active member of both the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and Society of Women Engineers, as well as having served on the executive committee of Connecticut Section ASME, serving on its executive committee as past president, and as part of ECAC executive council.

Personal Life

Thomas Graley has been ordered to undergo mental health evaluation at Twin Valley Behavioral Healthcare to ascertain his competency to stand trial in November’s death of Nicole Booth in New Castle, Ohio, which occurred due to blunt force trauma to her head and trunk according to Ashtabula County sheriff deputies. Booth and Graley shared two young children together, according to WOIO-TV reports.

On appeal, Graley’s counsel raised one potential error that lacks merit: He claimed the trial court erred by imposing a prison sentence greater than what is authorized under statute; however, according to the state, they complied with all other applicable sentencing regulations including providing him with an accurate presentence investigation report.

Net Worth

Thomas Graley has an estimated net worth of $2.5 Million. A versatile artist, Thomas has appeared in films like Concert for George (2003), Eilmer the Flying Monk (2016) and Perfect Piece (2016) – in total 15 films over 15 years in which he was nominated for numerous awards and nods from peers in Hollywood. Thomas is brother to actor/producer David Graley who can also be found here.

He serves on the Ashtabula County Sheriff’s Office Community Relations Team, making appearances at local schools to promote child safety and participate in charitable events including volunteering to help cancer patients.

He lives with his wife Candy and two daughters Samantha and Danielle. On April 13 he was arrested in the 4100 block of Main Avenue due to child abuse allegations that are currently underway in his area.

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