Thomas Hamlin

Thomas Hamlin, a Partner with the Cincinnati Bar, is a Finalist for the NFL Offensive Player of the Year Award

Tom is an enthusiastic supporter of charity, raising thousands annually through his foundation that benefits many worthy causes.

On Monday night, Thomas Hamlin collapsed after being struck in the chest, prompting emergency crews to rush him directly to hospital. On-field resuscitation efforts took place before being transported.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Hamlin experienced cardiac arrest during Monday’s game between his Buffalo Bills and Indianapolis Colts and was taken to University of Cincinnati Medical Center. Through Facetime he could talk with Rodney Thomas – former high school teammate now safety for Indianapolis – but knew it would be important for them to meet each other physically soon.

Robins Kaplan, Hamlin & Mike Ciresi is home to only two lawyers that have recovered more than $1 billion across two cases – both the fabled tobacco case with $6.6 billion settlement and Kraft v Starbucks litigation with $7.8 billion settlement; these involved complex litigation including bad faith lawsuits and punitive damages.

Professional Career

Thomas Hamlin is a partner at our firm who specializes in high-stakes business litigation and intellectual property disputes. As lead trial lawyer he has played an instrumental role in some of our firm’s largest verdicts and settlements such as Minnesota’s landmark Big Tobacco lawsuit and Kraft v Minolta (worth an estimated $6.6 billion).

Thomas has known Hamlin since meeting him at Central Catholic High School in Pittsburgh and remains close even through college and NFL careers. They frequently exchange text messages daily and spoke each Sunday during their respective seasons despite competing teams striving to make playoffs together. On Tuesday morning Thomas drove from Indianapolis to Cincinnati in order to visit Hamlin in hospital while still sedated and intubated; believing he can overcome any new hurdle.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Hamlin was named two-time All-American at Pitt and received Big East Player of the Year honors during his sophomore campaign. Now a finalist for Offensive Player of the Year awards this year – one of four players on a shortlist which also includes Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, Miami Dolphins receiver Tyreek Hill and Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Cooper Kupp.

Rodney Thomas still vividly remembers the excitement he felt upon Central Catholic’s win of the Pennsylvania state championship in 2015. That moment will always remain special to him. Now, as a safety with the Buffalo Bills he faces Jordan Poyer, Micah Hyde and Jaquan Johnson for starting jobs – but believes he can rise above them all to succeed.

Personal Life

Hamlin’s story captured sports fans and beyond after he suffered cardiac arrest while tackling Bengals receiver Tee Higgins during their Week 14 prime-time game, only to be saved by on-field trainer Denny Kellington performing CPR to restore his heartbeat, according to NFL.

Thomas and Hamlin met while both attending Central Catholic High School in Pittsburgh and have remained close since both being drafted by the NFL. They communicate daily through phone calls and texts; after witnessing Monday night’s incident unfold, Thomas drove from Indianapolis to Cincinnati so as to visit Hamlin at his hospital bedside.

He held Hamlin’s hand and expressed confidence that his former teammate would come through this trying time successfully. Hamlin is fighting to recover, with an army of people supporting his efforts.

Net Worth

Hamlin may only have been playing professional football for a short while, yet already has amassed an impressive net worth. His earnings come from both salary from Buffalo Bills as well as endorsement deals. Currently a safety for their squad.

He was selected in 2021 and signed a four-year deal worth $3,640,476 as is typical for sixth round draft picks.

Thomas has been showered with support since collapsing during a Bills-Bengals game on November 17, including NFL players and fans, his parents and siblings as well as fans. Thomas expressed his thanks to all those who have assisted with his recovery process; he hopes to resume playing after experiencing cardiac arrest.

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