Thomas Kober

Thomas Kober serves as Director of Bands at Brennan High School in San Antonio, TX, serving as principal conductor for its Symphonic Band as well as providing assistance with other ensembles including Varsity Full Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, and award-winning Brennan Bear Marching Band.

Abbey Feiler and Tom Kober, two residents of Colts Neck, realized this fact on November 1st 2017 and took swift action accordingly.

Early Life and Education

In our fast-paced world, unexpected circumstances often arise that require swift thinking to address. That is where knowledge, training and fast decision-making come in to play – their immediate implementation can make an immense difference to outcomes.

Kober has extensive experience in Drum Corps International (DCI) and Winterguard International (WGI), most recently working on the design team and music caption of Blue Knights Winds from Denver, Colorado. Prior to that he held positions at Sandra Day O’Connor High School in Helotes, Texas where his ensembles consistently earned UIL Sweepstakes ratings.

They are well known in Colts Neck for their hospitality and support of charitable organizations and important causes in their community. Additionally, they are proud parents to Paige Dee Rumer, Thomas Scott Rumer II and Brielle Suzanne Rumer – their children Paige, Thomas Scott II and Brielle Suzanne Rumer.

Professional Career

Kober relocated to Los Angeles during his early twenties and pursued a career as an actor, appearing on several popular television series such as Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, ER, 24 and The Closer as guest stars.

As Children’s Mercy Kansas City senior sports marketing manager during the 2023 NFL draft, Kober was eagerly awaiting this year’s event with fans from around the country – yet this year was different.

Kober shared his views on leadership in a virtual speaker series called Badger Executive Talks hosted by alumni from University of Wisconsin-Madison. According to him, success in business involves understanding which key elements make an organization work effectively and connecting individuals to its mission; prioritizing individual needs over bottom lines as essential factors of success.

Achievement and Honors

Kober is an enthusiastic advocate of using sustainable business practices. He recognizes that consumers today place increased value on companies which make an impactful contribution to society, so recently graduating with his MBA, he is eager to put his knowledge and experience to use at The Honest Company.

He is also an active clinician, judge, coordinator, and designer for bands throughout the US. Additionally, he serves on the design team and music caption with Drum Corps International groups like Blue Knights Winds.

Since 2016, he has served as Director of Bands at Brennan High School in San Antonio, Texas. Under his direction and guidance, the band program has earned consistent superior ratings at district, regional, area, and state wide events.

Personal Life

Abbey Feiler Kober is well-recognized in Colts Neck and boasts strong social connections. Additionally, she is an accomplished philanthropist serving as chairperson of Children’s Mercy Hospital.

Thomas was an example of American medicine at its best: during an era in which its oldest art became its youngest science. His years spent in lab served him well when writing, while his hands-on approach at bench gave his writing an extra edge; cells divide, microbes harm and creatures die were all hallmarks of success when writing science reports.

He is survived by his wife, Roxie; daughters Judith and Elizabeth; son Jeffrey; granddaughter Myah; sisters Barbara Oliver, Maxine Langkabel and Sherry Baalke as well as brothers-in-law Ron DeKarske and Norm Metz. A funeral service will take place Monday at St Paul Lutheran Church in Sheboygan.

Net Worth

He is an internationally-recognized celebrity and enjoys great popularity across the world. He is highly esteemed in television acting circles and has won multiple awards throughout his career.

He has also received many commendations from various high-ranking officials, helping him become well-known worldwide and earning him millions during his career journey.

He has constructed an expansive home in Colts Neck. This luxurious residence covers an area of around 30,000 sq. ft, and serves as the venue for many charity events including those for Monmouth Medical Center, St. Barnabas Church and Ashley Lauren Foundation as well as giving money directly back into local communities.

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