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Police Charge 38-Year-Old Thomas Layou With Murder in the Death of His Mother

Police in Anchorage have charged 38-year-old Thomas Layou with murder after finding Patrice Layou dead near the intersection of East 46th Avenue and Folker Street early Monday morning.

An affidavit provided evidence of her son’s mental health issues and ownership of weapons; he had recently been detained and evaluated at a state psychiatric hospital.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Layou was raised in Kansas City as part of a middle-class family. Originally planning to attend Conception Seminary as a Catholic priest, but ultimately left after becoming disenchanted with its passive stance toward civil rights issues.

After graduating law school, he launched his public service career by working as legislative assistant for Senator John C. Danforth’s office and eventually being nominated to President George H.W. Bush’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission as Commissioner by President Bush Sr.

Layou was arrested by Anchorage police after an Anchorage grand jury indicted him for murder charges on Oct. 10. They believe Layou shot his mother near East 46th Avenue and Folker Street after responding to reports of shots fired, police stated in their affidavit. If found guilty, Layou faces 99 years imprisonment.

Professional Career

Thomas Layou served in the Marine Corps Infantry as an Infantry Weapons Officer at Camp Pendleton California and Quantico Virginia, in addition to working as a Layout Artist at Rising Sun Pictures and Mill Film – becoming adept at both live-action and virtual cinematography.

Layou was reported as engaging in violent outbursts with his mother at their Campbell Park neighborhood apartment, according to an affidavit filed with police. Furthermore, family members informed investigators he wasn’t taking his medications regularly.

Detectives found in Layou’s Happy Lane apartment a.357-caliber revolver and five spent shell casings, as well as an alert in a state law enforcement database from October 2, one week prior to his alleged murder, related to an incident wherein he approached Transportation Security Administration officers at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport and indicated his waistband like it contained weapons – according to charges.

Personal Life

Patrice Layou was known for being dedicated and compassionate individual who served Anchorage School District executive secretary role for over ten years before her tragic shooting death on October 10, 2018. An Anchorage grand jury recently indicted her son Thomas Layou with two murder counts related to this tragic event.

At 3:19 am on March 19th in Campbell Park neighborhood of Chicago, police responded to reports of gunfire and found an adult woman shot to death near her parked Subaru. When police received reports from witnesses regarding suspicious individuals matching Thomas Layou’s description as her suspect (38 years old) living on Happy Lane apartment complex they quickly located and apprehended Thomas Layou for arrest.

Family member informed detectives that Thomas had recently stopped taking his medications, leading him to experience mental health problems and engaging in violent yelling episodes directed towards his mother over the phone.

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