Thomas Leffler

Thomas Leffler

Thomas Leffler was an 83-year-old physical therapist who co-founded his practice with his brother decades ago and worked throughout retirement. Additionally, he was an ardent Buckeye supporter, cheering them every fall season.

He is currently pursuing his PhD at Nelson Institute Environment and Resources with an eye towards ecological determinants of health through an integrative OneHealth framework. In particular, his area of interest lies between planetar health and public health.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Leffler is an experienced leader who has held various roles at different organizations. Currently he serves as President and Chief Revenue Officer at Project Insight; previously he also sat on the boards for iMatrix Software Inc and MedWand.

DeVilbiss High School and the University of Toledo both sported his wrestling expertise. While growing up on Prouty Avenue and Westbrook Drive in South Toledo and West Toledo respectively, respectively. With his brother on their Blade route they delivered newspapers to 120 customers during high school.

Kelly Carter and Thomas Leffler founded Carter Rehabilitation & Aquatic Centers of Tecumseh in March 1993, working tirelessly to establish their private health care practice and win community respect. Each year, their lives and dedication to health care are celebrated with the Kelly Carter & Thomas Leffler Memorial Run.

Professional Career

Thomas Leffler has held many leadership roles, from Co-Founder and CEO of iMatrix Software to serving as Managing Director for Platinum Venture Group and playing an instrumental role with L7 Network, Vanguard Integrity Professionals, Waveland Recycling. At present he serves as President for Project Insight as well as being on MedWand Solutions Advisory Board.

At Lake Mendota Resort he enjoys spending time with his family. Additionally, he is actively engaged in local politics and community projects.

In 2021, he established the Kelly Carter & Thomas Leffler Memorial Run as a way of remembering two passionate physical therapists who helped patients live fulfilling lives. This event raises money for future physical therapists while garnering wide community support. Furthermore, he serves as an instructor at Auburn University.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Leffler is currently pursuing his PhD at the Nelson Institute for Environmental and Resource Studies. Recently he was honored to receive the Planetary Health Campus Ambassador honor for UW-Madison community as well as participation in International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis’s (IIASA) Young Scientist Summer Program in Austria.

He regularly visits Scecina where his wife Kathy served as Tuition Assistant and Registrar between the 1980s and 1993. Together they have four children and 18 grandchildren.

At the University of Virginia’s fall convocation, history professor Melvyn Leffler and Kilgallon Ohio Art Professor Alexander Horniman received Thomas Jefferson Awards – Virginia’s highest distinction for faculty members. At this event also recognized 418 third-year students who earned Intermediate Honors by earning top grades across their disciplines.

Personal Life

Tom Leffler is an entrepreneur and co-founder of several technology companies. He has held roles such as President or Interim CEO in several organizations as well as serving on boards or being an active investor in several ventures.

Yesterday evening’s concert at Johnson’s Assembly Booms was truly enjoyable and pleasing for its audience. Miss Madeline Leffler on piano-forte gave an outstanding performance that delighted and charmed.

Thomas Leffler; daughters Angie, K. C, and Nate; grandchildren Kaitlyn and Jake; as well as several aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews survive her. She was an invaluable employee at Scecina from 1984 until 1993 as tuition assistant and registrar – she will be greatly missed by them all.

Net Worth

Thomas Leffler boasts an impressive career of successful business endeavors. Among them, he serves as President of Project Insight and Board Member at iMatrix Software; also, an Advisory Board Member of MedWand Solutions and holds both a BS in Marketing & Business from Carthage College as well as an MBA from Cardinal Stritch University.

Leffler’s success in business hasn’t stopped him from being an active philanthropist; over the years he has supported various charitable organizations and foundations with donations of both time and resources.

In 2017, he founded the Kelly Carter and Thomas Leffler Memorial Run as an annual fundraising event that benefits local physical therapists. Held in honor of two renowned physical therapists who each dedicated over six decades to their profession, this run has raised over $1.3 Million for community causes.

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