Thomas Mays

Thomas Mays is an eminent businessperson who has held board positions at seven companies. He currently holds positions with Digital Defense Inc as Chairman and CEO, BlueRiver Acquisition Corp as Co-Chairman/Chief Financial Officer, Running M Capital LLC as Co-Chairman/Chief Financial Officer as well as Running M Capital LLC as Co-Chairman/Chief Financial Officer respectively.

Mays holds a bachelor’s degree from The University of Texas and is also an active member of the National Rifle Association.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Mays hails from the Midwest, earning both his BA from Roanoke College and MA at Virginia Tech, before furthering his studies with a Ph.D at University of Chicago.

As a dramatist, he first made headlines through the publication of his 1620 romantic comedy, The Heir. Soon thereafter he joined theatrical circles and befriended Thomas Carew and possibly Philip Massinger of Revels company fame who shared similar Roman interests.

Mays’ early pamphleteering advocated for regular meetings between King and Parliament. He was especially critical of Charles I’s attempt at direct rule without consulting Parliament; Mays was close to Kenelme Digby, dedicating his 1640 Continuation of Lucan to him as a tribute.

Professional Career

Tom Mays is a former California elected official and currently the principal and founder of Thomas Mays Government Relations, providing life insurance- and investment-related state legislative and regulatory services to clients.

Mays was met with warm reception on his inaugural road trip with the Black Barons, receiving standing ovations in Pittsburgh, Chicago, and New York as well as one at Shibe Park during his debut there. Starting out in center field he hit Warren Spahn pitch out of left field roof for home run in first at-bat.

On road trips, Mays would babysit Durocher’s 6-year-old adopted son. At times it wasn’t easy identifying which child belonged to whom; once, police in Cincinnati even stopped the two to inquire what they were up to together; this added further stress to Mays’ professional life.

Achievement and Honors

Tommy was an American Army Veteran who served with the Hell’s Angels B-17 bomber crew from September 1942 until June 1945 in Molesworth, Cambridgeshire England as part of the 303rd Bombardment Group.

Mays was widely considered the “Schoolmaster of the Civil Rights Movement”, for his influence over leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr, Julian Bond and other. Through his rhetoric and intellectual pursuits he helped lay the groundwork for Black self-determination.

He was honored with a Presidential Rank Award, given to those in both military and civilian sectors who go beyond their normal course of duties to contribute significantly on a national scale. A lifelong resident of Round Rock, Texas he was deeply loved by family and friends from Texas all the way to Michigan.

Personal Life

Thomas Mays is a husband, father to 4 adult children and 8 grandchildren, as well as being an expert in American Revolutionary, Civil War and California history. A member of Humboldt County Historical Society.

Bills that he authored were approved and signed by Governor Brown of California. Additionally, he served on various corporate boards and trade associations as an officer and member.

He is certified John Maxwell Leadership speaker, coach and mentor. Additionally, he served as community liaison in Aurora CA during the Century 16 Theater shooting, inviting Reverend Jesse Jackson and mediating discussions between residents and city officials/police. Additionally he serves on both Aurora Police Victim Witness Advisory Board as well as Congress Representative Ed Perlmutter’s African American Advisory Committee.

Net Worth

Thomas Mays is an eminent businessperson who holds significant shares in several firms. He founded BlueRiver Acquisition Corp and Running M Capital LLC among others, serving on their boards of directors respectively. Additionally, Mays serves on those of iHeartMedia Inc, Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings and Live Nation Entertainment; among others.

Mays has amassed an estimated net worth of over $13 Million dollars and serves as Director for iHeartMedia Inc, owning over 150,356 units of LYV stock. Since 2015 he has made 14 trades of Bank Of America stock according to Form 4 filings with the SEC.

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