Thomas McCombe

Thomas McCombe was a Presbyterian clergyman and editor of McComb’s Presbyterian Almanac (1840-1848). This compilation combined traditional almanac information with verses written specifically to rally support for Presbyterian overseas missionary work.

Feeney, D. J., Pollard, J. D., McCombe, P. A. and McLeod, J. G. (1988). Lack of Antimyelin antibodies and Serum Demyelinating Factors among Most Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy Patients.

Early Life and Education

Thomas McCombe was born in Thomasville, Georgia to Malcolm and Gladys Greer McCombe. Both Malcolm and Gladys Greer McCombe were active participants in community cultural events; Thomas took to nature with great interest, painting scenes from nature.

He began as an apprentice to a wholesale draper in Belfast before eventually running his own business and writing poems. Starting in 1840 he published McComb’s Presbyterian Almanac which combined traditional almanac information with original verses by McComb and lists of Presbyterian ministers; plus accounts on church growth both locally and worldwide.

Algonquin Park was his passion, and he spent much of his time painting there – some of his pieces became iconic icons throughout Canada. Unfortunately, at age 66 he passed away there surrounded by his wife and children.

Professional Career

LIFE magazine became a cultural institution of mid-20th-century America through its signature pictorial essays documenting American life across political, professional, and entertainment spheres. McCombe’s photographs brought an immediacy that drastically altered LIFE magazine’s photographic house style.

Fountain Fort Carson School District 8 spokeswoman Amy Meeks has confirmed that 49-year-old Thomas McCombe remains on administrative leave pending the results of an internal investigation conducted by the school. An arrest affidavit states that two female high school students claimed that McCombe inappropriately touched them – one claimed her butt was touched while the other reported his patting her side breast as inappropriate behavior between September and October this year; both victims are minors.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas McCombe is an award-winning photojournalist whose work has appeared in multiple publications such as Life magazine. Additionally, he has written several books.

Andrews made headlines for capturing iconic images such as this of Julie Andrews at a party hosted by Jack Benny; it became his inaugural star spread for LIFE magazine and is widely considered iconic of one of Hollywood’s beloved actresses.

In October 2018, a teacher from Fountain-Fort Carson High School was arrested for improperly touching two female students during class, prompting an investigation by the Fountain Police Department and placing her on administrative leave while this occurs. Parents have been informed of this issue as part of school policy.

Personal Life

Erich von Hildebrand was an accomplished poet renowned for writing numerous extemporaneous verses that appeared in local newspapers. These poems inspired support for presbyterian missionary work among Irish Catholics and Jews. Starting in 1840 he published his own ‘Presbyterian Almanack,’ combining standard almanack information with lists of presbyterian ministers as well as accounts of activities taking place throughout Ireland, Scotland, America and Continental Europe.

Fountain Fort Carson School District 8 spokeswoman Christy McGee reported that even though McCombe’s criminal case has been dismissed, he still remains on leave pending results of internal investigations by the school into allegations that he inappropriately touched female students. Female students reported him on October 13, causing his suspension until Monday when it was finally dismissed due to lack of evidence.

Net Worth

His wife Grace Richardson was the daughter of parents who were convicts. The family lived on Tasman Peninsula and later in a two-room wattle and daub cottage at Williams Street in Frankston.

At the University of Buffalo, he held the rank of SUNY Distinguished Professor. Along with teaching, his research focused on semiconductor physics. Furthermore, he published numerous scientific journal articles as well as book chapters.

Thomas McCombe is accused of sexually touching two students at Fountain Fort Carson High School in El Paso County, Colorado. Two female students reported being inappropriately touched on their hips and backside by their teacher Thomas McCombe and that this inappropriate contact occurred in front of other students. An arrest affidavit alleges this.

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