Thomas McCoy

Thomas McCoy

Thomas McCoy was an influential force in Pawtucket, serving as city auditor, comptroller and political operation kingpin. Additionally, his skill at fine art and hand craftsmanship was put to good use creating custom picture frames.

Following his 2009 killing on the DeFuniak Springs campus of Northwest Florida State College, McCoy fled to Tampa where he engaged in gunfire with law enforcement officers before engaging in a penalty phase proceeding where the jury recommended death as punishment for him.

Early Life and Education

Thomas McCoy was born in Huron, South Dakota and raised in Woonsocket and Marshall. From an early age he appreciated the value of hard work ethic as his responsibilities included hunting pheasant after school to help feed his family.

Tom has extensive experience as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, working with various clients ranging from those experiencing anxiety to those dealing with existential crises and midlife transitions, issues of self and identity formation and processing trauma.

McCoy first found success as a fireman and oiler for Michigan Central Railroad, leading him to create an innovative system for lubricating train axles more efficiently, which allowed longer train runs without stopping. His invention led to additional advancements to steam engine lubrication systems.

Professional Career

Tom McCoy is both a lawyer and professor at Vanderbilt Law School. As the incumbent of the Tarkington Chair in Teaching Excellence, he specializes in Constitutional Law and First Amendment Studies while regularly contributing articles to The Vanderbilt Law Review.

At Texas’ 2010 BCS National Championship Game against Alabama, he suffered from a pinched nerve in his throwing arm and did not return to play; Garrett Gilbert took his place.

Thomas is a licensed clinical social worker. He specializes in anxiety, depression, sense of self and identity development, life transitions and processing trauma. Thomas uses an eclectic approach in his sessions that incorporates insight-oriented psychoanalysis training with mindfulness meditation techniques and hypnosis techniques. Thomas lives with his wife Cathy in La Mirada California.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas McCoy is an inspiring example of resilience, ingenuity and determination who has spent much of his life fighting to reclaim his family name. Over his lifetime he has won multiple awards – such as being awarded with a patent from the U.S.Patent Office – thanks to his advancements in steam engine technology.

He became a powerful political force in Pawtucket as well, serving as city auditor, comptroller and kingpin of an operation so tightly knit that Ambrose McCoy, his brother-in-law served on city council to oversee his fiscal responsibilities. McCoy’s story features bloody battles on dusty battlefields with surprising twists and turns making this family drama riveting reading material.

McCoy earned memberships to both the National Honor Society and Art Club as well as being honored with numerous athletic trophies, such as Carl Mitchell Allnoch Athletic Trophy winner and receiving the Rev. Albert R. Gaelens, CSB Goodness Discipline Knowledge Award – awarded annually to seniors who best exemplify the school motto. Furthermore, he performed over 1,000 educational concerts and workshops through his involvement with a regional program providing music education from kindergarten to college level students.

Personal Life

Tom McCoy was an avid baseball and football fan who also loved chatting on ham radio (call sign WA0THN). Additionally, he participated in local Ness County Old Settler reunions before his passing on February 23, 2022 due to complications due to Multiple Sclerosis.

McCoy was beloved among his coworkers and often gave an intense introduction to the Socratic method on the first day of class each year for new first-year students. Additionally, he was an avid sports fan who championed those underdogs on his team.

Kincaid McCoy died in a car accident, prompting McCoy to pursue prosecution of an alcoholic driver responsible. Later apologizing to a judge for these actions.

Net Worth

Tom brings extensive expertise in commercial real estate appraisal, consultation and market rent studies for multifamily residential developments as well as historic tax credit valuation for LIHTC projects and financial appraisals for both Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae mortgage loans.

His professional NFL quarterbacking career stands as a testament to his determination and hard work. He won multiple awards including being named to the first-team All-Pro. His achievements in sport have left an indelible mark on both fans and teammates alike.

McCoy sued Adams, Youts and MacKenzie for various torts but does not appeal the trial court’s grant of summary judgment in their favor on these claims. McCoy raised similar arguments in his appellate brief as they correspond to traditional and no-evidence grounds for awarding summary judgment by the trial court.

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