Thomas Mead

Thomas Mead

Thomas Mead has more than three decades of construction industry experience. He has led large projects throughout the United States and Southeast Asia and is well-regarded in his field.

He has worked on projects ranging from commercial offices, hotels and resorts, multifamily residential complexes, retail shops, biotech laboratories, and institutional buildings. His work has garnered numerous accolades.

Early Life and Education

Mead believes that one’s identity is formed both by genetic and environmental influences, including their environment both at birth and throughout their development. He emphasizes the fact that all systems change continuously; new organisms require time to develop their niche before inhabiting it fully.

Mead’s fame as a sociology thinker has eclipsed that of his philosophy writings; nonetheless, these have formed the basis for what has come to be known as Meadism or Symbolic Interactionism – an approach to pragmatic thought that Mead pioneered.

Mead is often counted among the luminaries of classical American pragmatism, alongside Peirce, James and Dewey. His ideas have contributed to modern cognitive accounts of sensorimotor enactivism and embodiment. Additionally, his legacy remains important among those studying evolutionary processes or contact experience.

Professional Career

Tom Mead brings over 35 years of experience to the construction industry. As an experienced general contractor, project manager, and consultant on numerous large projects across the U.S. – such as office buildings, hotels & resorts, multifamily residential projects, retail establishments, biotech facilities, and institutional structures – his areas of expertise span from office spaces and hotels & resorts to multifamily residential homes and biotech buildings.

He is best-known for his contributions to the epidemiology of leprosy, malaria, AIDS and other infectious diseases. He made numerous groundbreaking discoveries during his research work; additionally he is an author of several books covering infectious diseases.

At Drexel Hamilton, he serves as Director of Finance. In this position he manages the municipal finance department as well as sales trading and underwriting new issues. Prior to Drexel Hamilton, he led Salomon Brothers’ municipal finance division to achieve top ten ranking.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Mead made an invaluable contribution to social psychology and philosophy, serving as one of the foremost American Pragmatists with his own distinct outlook based upon sociality and temporality.

Mead thought deeply and wrote almost constantly for over four decades of his career, producing articles and book reviews in psychology and philosophy while never publishing an original work of his own. His students, however, produced four volumes from recordings from his classes, lectures notes and unpublished writings compiled into stenographic records compiled from these stenographic recordings and unpublished works of Mead’s own.

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Personal Life

Tom had an infectious sense of humor and was always willing to lend a helping hand. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him, including his loving wife Donna, his two sons Travis and Brian as well as their families, their two dogs Lilli and Marleigh as well as many friends and family.

He was an active Quaker who attended Hampstead Meeting and belonged to the Society of Friends. Additionally, he served on Royal Commissions on Railway Land Wildlife Trusts such as Lewes’, East Sussex as a trustee as well as being an avid gardener who loved cooking as well as travelling widely for leisure and hobby history research. Furthermore, he had an affinity for languages as an amateur historian while holding strong Irish ancestry roots.

Net Worth

He is well-known within the media industry and has won multiple awards for his efforts. Additionally, he has appeared in multiple movies and TV shows as an actor and is considered very talented at his craft.

Thomas Meade holds more than 80 patents and founded three biotech companies – Clinical Micro Sensors, PreDx, and Ohmx – over his 30-year career. Additionally, he is working to develop handheld electronic bio sensors capable of detecting DNA and proteins.

Meade came to Northwestern in 2003, conducting bioinorganic coordination chemistry research. A beloved professor who always keeps students guessing, Weinberg junior Eleni Varelas says. When not teaching or conducting research, Meade enjoys spending his weekends visiting Gettysburg National Military Park as a tourist.

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