Thomas Novosad

Thomas Novosad, an Ameriprise financial advisor in Houston, Texas with over 27 years of experience is available as a resource.

He graduated with his Master of Science in Business Administration from Texas A&M University. Known for his ability to focus and manage stress effectively.

Sherry has also been known by other names and aliases.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Novosad was born in Texas to Tom and Johanna Novosad. He had six siblings before passing away at age 84 at death place in Texas.

He was married to Rose Novosad (nee Polak). Together they had two children. Dr. Novosad was also involved with numerous major international collaborations including SPT and CUPID as a co-PI.

Zhukov, A. A.; Goncharov, A. V.; de Groot, P. A. J.; Ghanem, M. A.; El-Hallag, I. S.; Bartlett, P. N.; Boardman R. Fangohr H & Karapetrov G (2005) published several notable papers including Self-assembly routes towards creating superconducting and magnetic arrays (Phys Rev B 2005:97 10). Furthermore he worked on another project entitled Large spin-wave bullet in an artificial square spin ice project (Large spin-wave bullet in artificial square spin ice). This co-authored paper.

Professional Career

Thomas Novosad is a veteran of Bechtel Business Services. With an MBA in accounting and years of start-up company experience under his belt, Thomas possesses a passion for technology as well as extensive functional area experience across Bechtel.

He is an active member of both the Masonic Lodge in Caldwell and Shriners International. In his free time he enjoys gardening. Finally he takes great pleasure in being both husband and father to three beautiful children.

Tom Novosad is an Ameriprise financial advisor in Houston, TX who is dedicated to helping his clients meet their future goals. He knows that with changing markets and life’s challenges, reaching those goals may prove challenging; so his attentive guidance can assist in staying on track so that your ambitions are reached sooner rather than later.

Achievement and Honors

Novosad has published over 250 papers, six patents and three book chapters. He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society; his research interests center on magnetism, superconductivity and patterned heterostructures. Additionally, he advises eleven postdoctoral researchers as well as giving over 50 invited talks at major physics and materials science international conferences throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

Mr. Zand has received many honors and awards, such as the National Medal of Technology and Innovation and National Science Foundation Career Award, in addition to being listed multiple times on both Dean’s List and Academic Recognition lists.

His pride as a Shriner and member of Caldwell Masonic Lodge will always remain with him; his legacy lives on in Pat and their two sons Thomas III and Truett.

Personal Life

Sherry Novosad may be associated with:

He founded Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois and currently serves as Senior Scientist there, publishing numerous scientific articles for journals like Nature and participating in projects like South Pole Telescope and CUPID, receiving praise and awards from his peers in recognition of his contributions. A member of American Physical Society as well as multiple awards and honors from peers for his physics contributions; married with two children. Also active politically; member of ACLU Board.

Net Worth

Thomas Novosad possesses an estimated net worth of $300 Million. As an accomplished entrepreneur with experience in both accounting and finance, Thomas holds a master’s degree from Texas A&M University’s School of Business Administration. Thomas’ areas of expertise include double dipping in various industries while managing stress effectively.

As an Ameriprise advisor, Novosad takes great care to understand his clients’ goals and aspirations before offering his advice on investments that suit each one. Understanding that markets can be unpredictable, he helps his clients plan accordingly so that they can reach their financial goals with confidence. He is a proud Shriner. Additionally, he attends Caldwell Cowboy Church.

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