Thomas Pond

Thomas Pond Campground in Casco and Raymond, Maine

Thomas Pond offers two association beaches and a public boat launch on Route 302, making it an ideal spot for Sebago Lake fun. Bordering both Raymond and Casco towns, Thomas Pond is home to numerous families.

Regular monitoring of water levels reveals alarming losses through evaporation and evapotranspiration, with thermal variations strongly correlating with air temperatures.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Pond is a 442 acre lake located between Casco and Raymond in Maine. With an approximate maximum depth of 64 feet and excellent water quality rating, Thomas Pond is popular with both residents and visitors. It drains directly into nearby Sebago Lake for added convenience.

Thomas married Etta Ford in the early 1900s; she was a widow with two children from her previous marriage and lived at a home on Denby Road.

They were able to give their children an excellent education at a relatively modest expense. They taught them key lessons like hard work and commitment as well as how to serve clients properly and run a business efficiently.

Professional Career

This enchanting three season camp is located on a peaceful lakeside property near Casco/Raymond line on Thomas Pond in Thomas Pond. Wake up to the loons calling from your private dock, swim in Thomas Pond’s 533 acres lake, kayak, fish or boat all year long!

Thomas Pond drains into Dingley Brook, leading directly into Sebago Lake. Thomas Pond boasts cold, oxygenated waters that support trout and salmon populations while its warm waters offer excellent opportunities for smallmouth bass fishing and white perch fishing.

The story of the North Pond Hermit has caused widespread debate and outrage, yet inspired admiration and respect from readers and media alike. His rejection of modern society led to numerous press inquiries – one even leading to book deals being offered – while his 2013 GQ article became one of their most-read stories of all time.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Pond is an esteemed attorney and longtime board member of the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABTA). In his career defending high-profile cases and being an advocate for his legal profession – Thomas has done everything possible to be one of the finest legal minds. Thomas is passionate about his work, strives for perfection in everything he does and aspires to become one of the finest professionals available today.

His dedication to his clients is unrivaled, fighting tirelessly to see that they receive justice they are due. Additionally, he has helped to shape his law firm by setting standards of excellence amongst all attorneys working within it.

His community involvement extends far beyond the courtroom. He volunteers for various organizations and is active in Thomas Pond Conservation Project which works to enhance water quality by reducing phosphorus runoff that damages fish habitats and decreases oxygen levels in deeper sections of lakes.

Personal Life

Thomas Pond is an exquisite lake located between Casco and Raymond that spans 400 acres and serves as a popular recreational activity destination. Thomas Pond boasts coldwater fisheries for trout and salmon as well as warmwater ones for smallmouth bass and white perch, both species known for supporting healthy ecosystems.

It is also well-known for its scenic views and stunning beach, offering swimming and kayaking in its crystal-clear waters. An ideal destination for family and friend reunions looking for an enjoyable vacation spot!

One resident in Thomas Pond recently requested the removal of non-buildable lots from Thomas Pond from its resource protection zone, although the town planning board has not made its ruling yet on this request. Some residents are wondering whether such an action would serve the best interest of the town.

Net Worth

Thomas Pond in Raymond is an ideal spot for outdoor enthusiasts looking to connect with nature. Offering hiking and biking paths as well as public boat launch facilities, Thomas Pond provides plenty of activities.

Thomas Pond offers plenty of activities for visitors to enjoy, from swimming and fishing to wildlife observation and photography.

Temperature can have an enormous effect on a lake’s physicochemical dynamics and provide invaluable insights into energy stock development at its various interfaces: water mass, atmosphere and sediments.

A pond’s water temperature fluctuates depending on atmospheric temperatures and other external influences, including thermal stratification within its body of water. This information can help predict evaporation rates; further data can be found at U.S. Geological Survey’s website.

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