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Thomas Regout International

Thomas regout international is a production company that specializes in linear motion components. Based in Maastricht, Netherlands they employ advanced manufacturing processes like robotics and interconnected IT systems for efficient production.

All intellectual property rights, such as patents, trademarks, designs and models remain solely owned by Thomas Regout or its licensors; customers do not possess any authority or right to transfer or license these intellectual property rights.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Regout Group is an international company producing height adjustable mounting systems and telescopic slides for furniture, window decoration, professional storage systems and automotive use. Their Maastricht production plants in Netherlands feature cutting edge technology which ensures exceptional product quality with a short lead time.

Appian Fasteners are well known for their linear balance system that can be integrated with Appian’s vertical and horizontal movement solutions. Appian are also the official distributors for Thomas Regout International B.V in the UK and Ireland.

Regout Group includes other businesses such as Drillmasters, an automatic drill production company with high quality regrinding and resharpening facilities.

Professional Career

Over the past years of its establishment, this family foundation hosted numerous large reunintents. Additionally, they manage an ongoing genealogical publication project.

Outside Maastricht, some members of the family could be found living in Posterholt where Pierre Cuypers created a mural entitled Regout-Lieutenant at Sint Hubertuskerk dominated the small courtyard and its small churchyard. Additionally, their grafijsarchief included numerous artworks depicting this figure, specifically at N.V. Wolindustrie V/h Regout on Kleine Looierstraat Maastricht.

Thomas Regout is mindful of the environment and practices production in an eco-friendly manner. He recognizes the significance of reducing energy usage and waste generation while adhering to an annual improvement track aimed at meeting all legal requirements and creating a safe working environment.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Regout International provides height adjustable mounting systems for interactive flatpanels used in schools. Based out of Maastricht, Netherlands and employing approximately 300 staff members worldwide, its Woodstock location started operations in December 2018.

Implement and monitor an effective Quality and Environmental policy aimed at meeting both external and internal customer satisfaction, using a management system compliant with norm SA 8000 requirements.

The Board of Directors delegated all responsibilities and necessary authorization to the Quality Environment Health and Safety Manager who is charged with setting up, implementing and overseeing the management system. A plan will be drawn up annually which details any improvement efforts while actions arising will be recorded within an Occupational Health and Safety plan.

Personal Life

Thomas Regout International B.V. is a production company that designs and manufactures an assortment of telescopic slides for horizontal or vertical movement, as well as solutions for sliding, lifting and balance applications such as linear guides and vertical balance systems. They have long been recognized by Appian Fasteners for their expertise and innovation.

Perfact has successfully delivered its inaugural Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training sessions to Thomas Regout International’s multidisciplinary team – market leader in telescopische slides. Candidates were delighted by this unique experience!

Trainings at Maastricht Academy focus heavily on practical application, making understanding and applying theory easy and quick. In turn, this allows the pandemie to quickly take charge of running their new academie. Maastricht Academy was inaugurated at the end of summer this year.

Net Worth

Thomas Regout International BV produces height adjustable mounting systems and telescopic slides for use in furniture, AV equipment, DIY projects, professional storage environments, automotive vehicles, and more. Established in 1834 as an innovator of nails and spikes production, they now lead the world market in telescopic sliding products – recently opening a facility in Woodstock Georgia where assembly and sales will be its core business focus.

The new facility will employ approximately 30 employees and is part of Thomas Regout Group in Maastricht, Netherlands. They specialize in customer-specific engineering services as well as after sales service alongside trade with a high level of quality and innovation.

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