Thomas Reiling

Thomas Reiling – A Good Man

Tom Reiling was an all-around good person. He was highly involved with his children’s lives, coaching their baseball teams and attending their swim meets.

On January 24, Mrs. Brandt saw a truck at Gabriel house and heard two or three men talking; she gave one of them a key and instructed him to take it directly to Borg Powers Furniture Company (plaintiff).

Reiling acknowledged receiving the key from Mrs. Brandt and spoke with Slattery.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Reiling was born and raised near Dayton in Ohio. After attending the University of Dayton and medical school, he completed oncology training here in America as well as serving on several professional societies boards and committees.

He has served on numerous University committees such as the Advisory Committee on Shareholder Responsibilities, written a number of law review articles, and served on professional committees that have helped shape how the federal government taxes stock purchase warrants.

He has taken risks by purchasing St. Anthony Park Bank and University Bank between 1992 and 1994 and emphasizing community lending to help reverse inner-city blight. Additionally, he provided loans for business ventures located in old structures.

Professional Career

Thomas Reiling was an active business man with diverse interests and numerous friendships. Never one to meet strangers, Thomas enjoyed talking with people. A member of Tipton Masonic Lodge; former member of Bennett & Lowden milk haulers; and an avid fisherman; Thomas was always up for adventure!

Reiling was also employed as the training manager at Mountain West AIDS Education and Training Center in Seattle, overseeing HIV vaccine studies at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Furthermore, Reiling served on St. Paul Seminary’s Board Affairs and Physical Facilities Planning committees for many years.

After his retirement from Towle, Reiling made an energetic and enthusiastic entry into banking. He established Sunrise Community Banks before adding St. Anthony Park Bank and University Bank to his portfolio – his community reinvestment lending has paid dividends; all three banks received “outstanding” ratings during his leadership.

Achievement and Honors

Reiling was not only an electrical engineer at General Electric; he also owned two community banks in Sioux City area. Reiling combined his family’s bank holdings into University National Bank.

He is survived by his mother Jannette Burns of South Sioux City; sisters Kathryn Downing from Oto, IA; Jacalyn Barnes from Joliet IL and Georgette Gonshorowski of Dakota City NE; nieces, nephews and great nieces/nephews. Preceded in death by stepfather A.J. Burns and father Frank H Reiling.

Reiling’s legacy lives on through his love of music, his business successes and charitable endeavors, as well as in those whose lives he touched including those of his own children. Reiling was truly a pillar of Sioux City.

Personal Life

Tom Reiling is president and co-owner of Towle Real Estate Company, having played an instrumental role in its expansion to Tulsa, Cedar Rapids, Des Moines and Eau Claire during the late 1970s and early 1980s. Additionally, he serves as trustee for University of St Thomas in Dayton Ohio.

He is also a member of the Top-of-the-Mornin’ Club, Knights of Columbus and Mid-America Gasoline Dealers organizations, serving his parish of St. Patrick’s Catholic Church for many years and holding several positions on community boards.

Reiling has a diverse professional career ranging from managing and programming inflight entertainment for American Airlines and Air Force One to overseeing his large family of nieces and nephews, membership of Kettering Rotary Club and Boy Scout leadership roles.

Net Worth

He was an affectionate husband, father and grandfather who created many wonderful memories for his family. Additionally, he was a compassionate brother, uncle and friend; leaving behind sons Kevin Scott Reiling (Katrina) and Lisa Hopkins(Brian); grandchildren Emma Hopkins, Abby Hopkins, Brady Hopkins and Jordan Reiling as well as sister Karen Reiling along with nieces Heidi Kelly Tina.

Reiling was driven by passion in both life and business. From mortgage banking, real estate services company ownership, and eventually chairman of three community banks in the Twin Cities he has strived to overcome obstacles while pushing himself to his limits – often finding innovative solutions to difficult problems such as helping Catholic Charities buy an urban building on contract for deed in St Paul in the 1980s to save hefty rent costs for Catholic Charities.

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