Thomas Reitz

Thomas Reitz is an attorney based out of Northeast Ohio with expertise in workers compensation, real estate and business law. With over 25 years of experience representing public entities as well as private businesses.

He earned both his Bachelor of Arts from Bowling Green State University and Juris Doctorate from Capital University, as well as becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Early Life and Education

Thomas Reitz was born July 23 in Miami, Florida. A member of Lord of Life Lutheran Church in Bainbridge and an avid golfer and hiker on the Appalachian Trail, Tom also enjoyed shopping for treasures and travelling to Florida beaches.

Tom earned both his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science degrees at Colorado State University before going on to work as an agricultural economist in Florida.

Reitz was instrumental in developing and expanding academic programs related to citrus fruit at the University of Florida, as well as fighting to ensure its independence from political influence from state governors. He nearly left his position following disagreements with LeRoy Collins over chancellorship issues in 1957 and Haydon Burns over budgetary matters in 1965; these battles nearly led him to leave his post.

Professional Career

Thomas Reitz is an accomplished Owner with extensive experience working in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and nutritional industries. His strengths lie in Sales, Business Development, Customer Service, and Partner Relationship. Currently working for an organic products manufacturer as their Business Development Manager.

Professor was very nice; however, his tests weren’t easy and made mistakes frequently in lab. Furthermore, when giving extra credit he failed to provide clear directions; which became very frustrating.

Expertise in information and communication technology (ict), business process management (bpm), and digitalization at NORMA Group as Chief Information Officer; in his current capacity he oversees digitalization efforts at this organization, with vast amounts of data accumulating, digital attacks posing serious threats to both individual companies and entire nations, and intelligent products having more impactful daily lives than ever.

Achievement and Honors

Reitz oversaw UF’s construction of over 300 new buildings during his presidency and implemented tightened admissions standards that placed more importance on academic accomplishment than athletic ability when awarding financial aid awards. Furthermore, Reitz played an essential role in its integration process.

Reitz was an iconic figure at UF, and his picture is displayed proudly alongside those of all previous student body presidents on a wall in the J. Wayne Reitz Union building. One notable exception: Thomas Wesley Bryant served in Florida legislature after graduating.

The Weller Award is presented annually to Reitz High School students who demonstrate scholarship, team leadership, sportsmanship and athletic ability. Its recipients are selected by R-Men Varsity Club members and presented with an engraved plaque as a token of their achievement.

Personal Life

Sharon and Rudy Reitz have remained in close communication with health officials after losing two family members to the coronavirus. Thomas Martin, their son with Down syndrome, relied heavily on Sharon Reitz as his primary caregiver – she passed away two days after contracting it on March 28. Thomas Martin eventually passed away two days after at Clara Maass Medical Center in Belleville.

Tom has practiced law in Northeastern Ohio for 33 years, with expertise in real estate law, construction litigation, estate planning and probate of estates, development, labor law and municipal law representing villages such as Hiram and Windham. A partner at Reitz, Paul & Shorr in Aurora; also serving as solicitor of Crestwood Village Ohio he is married and has three children.

Net Worth

After suffering set-piece losses, Reitz joined General Smuts’ decision to conduct guerilla operations and was instrumental in turning the tide of war. Later, Reitz married Leila Agnes Buissine Wright.

Reitz’s practice encompasses estate planning, real estate and construction litigation matters as well as over two decades of municipal law experience representing Ravenna and Twinsburg school districts for over two decades as well as numerous private companies and individuals.

Reitz holds over 9,033 units of PNM Resources Inc stock. Since 2003, he has made seven transactions of this stock; most recently selling over 6,000 shares on 5 March 2014. Reitz lives between America’s three coasts and enjoys old cars, golfing, singing in Lord of Life Lutheran Church’s men’s chorus in Bainbridge and embarking on annual week long hikes along various sections of the Appalachian Trail.

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