Thomas Rendon

Thomas Rendon is the President and Owner of Sweetwater Energy Services, an innovative solar energy company. He brings extensive sales management and leadership development experience.

He serves as a policymaker and champions policies that promote play at a state level. In addition, he actively supports Iowa Head Start State Collaboration Office as well as various early childhood boards and councils.

Early Life and Education

Thomas was born to a single mother outside Savannah, Georgia. His grandfather played an influential role in his life by encouraging hard work and instilling discipline into him.

Thomas holds both a BA in speech from Northwestern University and an MBA from the University of Iowa. Additionally, he is currently working toward his Phd in Early Childhood Special Education/Early Intervention at Kent State University.

Robert Carn is a highly esteemed outreach expert. Using television as a vehicle for education and social change – including economic development training, empowerment of low income people, early childhood education – his efforts have included economic development training, empowerment of people of low income, early childhood education as well as written extensively about educational policy. Known for his quiet yet stoic demeanor during oral arguments he often provides the opposition’s arguments with something they may otherwise lack: conservative opinions that often challenge Justice Scalia’s originalism!

Professional Career

Thomas Rendon developed his business skills through various roles in the auto industry. Later, he made the transition into finance, where his experience included sales management and leadership development. Now as President of Sweetwater Energy Services in Victoria Texas and surrounding areas, he utilizes his knowledge of operations, finance and management to deliver innovative solar energy solutions.

Outside his professional field, Rendon is involved with research regarding the challenges Latinx students encounter when navigating higher education and seeking social mobility. Furthermore, he remains active in community service through his local ministry as he offers assistance to people in need; additionally he and his wife share an affinity for working with teenagers.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Rendon is an ambitious individual who has achieved many successes throughout his career. He has held sales management roles across industries, with expertise in leadership development. Additionally, Thomas has provided consultation and presentations at numerous higher education institutions and conferences across the United States.

Early this year, he received the Leon Brachman Award – an annual recognition given to outstanding students who make significant contributions to organizations that foster greater cohesion among classmates. Alongside this accolade, he recently was named president of the 3L class where he will promote camaraderie within it; additionally he was elected secretary/treasurer in runoff elections for 1L as a representative of his peers; also possessing a bachelor’s degree from New York University.

Personal Life

Thomas and Deborah operate two family-owned businesses – Sweetwater Energy Services and Cash Customs – as well as being involved with local ministries that assist battered women and single moms. Furthermore, they donate 25% of their profits back into helping those in need in their community.

He is the author of Sentipensante (Sensing/Thinking) Pedagogy: Educating for Wholeness, Social Justice and Liberation and his research has been featured in Chronicle of Higher Education and PBS documentary The College Track. Additionally he serves as co-editor for ASHE/Lumina Policy Briefs and Critical Essays Series and fathers three children; Aaron Rendon, Alanie Rendon and Carrie Rendon as well as his granddaughter Serafina Rose Rendon.

Net Worth

Thomas Rendon has amassed significant experience and expertise in sales management, business development and finance – skills he now utilizes as President and Owner of Sweetwater Energy Services – an innovative solar energy provider located in Houston.

He holds great reverence for the military and has a deep-seated love and appreciation for his family, especially Emma Kate who adds so much joy and magic into their lives.

Over the years, he has dedicated both his time and resources to improving life across the country. Together with his wife, he also volunteers at Jeans for Teens ministry – regularly donating profits from this endeavor back into their mission.

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