Thomas Rhea

Thomas Rhea is an expert in music synthesis, functional design consulting, artist relations management and ownership documentation for electronic musical instruments (EMIs). Additionally, he wrote the Minimoog Model D owner’s manual and is well known as an educator on this topic. He regularly hosts public seminars about this technology.

Rhea is an expert at creating holistic solutions that drive systemic change. She integrates design, technology, and behavioral sciences in an individual-centred approach.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Stockdale Rhea was an American politician from Russellville, Kentucky who held various government posts under Governor Ruby Laffoon including state treasurer and highway commissioner positions as well as Logan County Circuit Court judgeship.

After graduating with a BFA at Indiana University, he spent the remainder of his career working in medallic art – an extremely demanding genre which involves creating extremely detailed scenes for mass production in pewter or solid brass medallions, often featuring machinery or architectural scenes.

He also worked as a freelance artist, producing detailed paintings of city and campus landmarks for local businesses as well as portraits for individual clients. He attributes his extensive production art background as well as specificity requirements of sculptural formats as the catalysts behind his current robust yet highly detailed realistic painting style.

Professional Career

After an exhaustive nationwide search, Rhea was chosen as Marin Community Foundation’s next president and CEO. Her broad experience spans across philanthropy, government and environmental conservation – she has extensive knowledge in global climate change initiatives as well as land use, environmental justice and other policy fields.

As Logan approaches the meeting, Rhea implores everyone to remain silent as she knows that discussing Pierce Media merger will upset him and that hinting that she is liberal would further heighten tensions.

Rhea is an established speaker on the history of electronic musical instruments, particularly Moog synthesizers. Additionally, she consults on functional design and artist relations as well as writing numerous manuals for these products (Moog, Crumar etc).

Achievement and Honors

Rhea has overseen multiple national and international conferences, clinics, concert tours, guest conducting engagements at College Band Directors National Association conventions; Midwest International Band & Orchestra Clinic conventions; American Bandmasters Association conventions as a guest conductor; board membership at The John Philip Sousa Foundation as well as membership/position in numerous professionally related organizations.

Jay Thomas won two Emmy awards during his thirteen-year run on CBS’ Murphy Brown from 1989 to 1998 and earned another Emmy nomination while portraying Rhea Perlman’s on-screen hockey player husband on NBC’s Cheers. Jay Thomas also became well known for retelling an annual Lone Ranger tale on The Late Show with David Letterman.

Rhea is an accomplished product designer and climate innovator, dedicated to finding innovative ways to solve complex problems through holistic approaches that drive systemic change. She serves as an active member of Outlook at Denison University’s queer straight alliance and acts as mentor in NASPA Student Affairs Fellows Program.

Personal Life

Thomas had an active radio hosting and acting career, winning two Emmy awards for guest roles on Cheers and Murphy Brown.

One of his most prominent roles was as Carla Tortelli’s Ice Hockey playing husband Eddie LeBec on The Sopranos. Due to comments he made during an radio interview and insulting co-stars on set, Thomas was written off the show.

He pursued freelance art, providing detailed paintings of city and campus landmarks for local businesses as well as portraits for individual clients. He credits his background in production art with helping him develop a realistic painting style; additionally he was an avid collector of music memorabilia.

Net Worth

Rhea Durham began her modeling career by appearing in numerous magazines. Since then, she has also worked on numerous television shows and movies. Rhea’s height was one of her best assets as it highlighted her perfect body.

Since 1982, she has been married to Danny DeVito and is mother to three children. As an avid advocate for children’s rights and supporting various charitable efforts, she is known as one of Danny’s closest allies.

Jay Thomas, best known for playing goalie Eddie LeBec on Cheers, could have enjoyed a much longer run had he not insulted one of his co-stars on a radio program and provoked the writers into responding in such an inventive fashion. Unfortunately he passed away at age 69.

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