Thomas Ritzer

Thomas Ritzer

Ritzer dedicated his life to teaching and writing. An academic who belonged to the postmodern social theory movement, Ritzer made teaching and writing part of his daily routine.

Colleen Ritzer started compiling daily memories in a clear jar months before her death, which her loved ones described as one way she found happiness: through pizza with friends or holiday dinners with mom and dad.

Early Life and Education

Ritzer was an esteemed scholar, best known for his works in modern/postmodern sociology. He published numerous general sociology books as well as textbooks on modern and postmodern social theory. Born in Lawrence and raised in Andover Massachusetts, Ritzer attended Andover High School before earning a BA degree from Assumption College.

On 22nd October 2013, Colleen Ritzer decided to stay after school and invited Philip Chism, her student from Clarksville Tennessee, into her classroom for conversation about it. Unfortunately, he seemed uncomfortable discussing his home town; therefore he changed the topic and left.

She was an esteemed math teacher at Danvers High School and enjoyed great popularity among both colleagues and students. Additionally, she had many friends and was highly active on social media platforms such as Facebook.

Professional Career

Thomas Ritzer continued to pursue anthropology and sociology professionally throughout his professional life. Starting as an instructor in 1895 and transitioning into an assistant professor by 1900 before being appointed full professor by 1910 at the University of Chicago. Furthermore, co-editing of American Journal of Sociology.

Tom Ritzer, Colleen’s father who has since become active in fundraising for scholarships and Kindness for Colleen program, recalls walking the hallways of Colleen’s school that fateful night; peering into her classroom. At that moment he pledged never to follow in his killer’s footsteps.

Colleen’s Scholarship recipients are making the transition from high school to college life and discovering more about themselves. Michaela Verrette from Plymouth State University plans on studying Elementary Education and developing tools for engaging students.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Ritzer had a distinguished academic career that began at the University of Chicago and ultimately ended with him losing his professorship due to a scandal. Although this caused irreparable harm to his reputation, Ritzer continued his sociological research with New School for Social Research.

Tom, Peggie and Daniel Ritzer award this scholarship each year to students planning on majoring in education at college. They hope the recipients will carry forward Colleen’s legacy of kindness and care for students.

Colleen was an instructor of math at Danvers High School and also studying graduate studies at Salem State College. She belonged to the White Caucasian ethnic group and practiced Christianity; her two siblings included Laura and Daniel; she was born under Taurus’ zodiac sign.

Personal Life

Colleen Ritzer graduated from Andover High School and later enrolled at Assumption College to further her education. Later she found employment teaching at Danvers High School; staying after school hours to assist her students.

On October 22, 2013, she was murdered by Philip Chism, her 14-year-old pupil at her high school bathroom. Using a flimsy box cutter he cut her throat 16 times with, then used an open knife blade to nick her vertebra and sexually assaulted her before placing her body in a trash bin before abandoning it in the woods nearby.

Chism was sentenced to life in prison and will become eligible for parole after 40 years, concurrently serving 40-year sentences for both rape and armed robbery. Her family members attended her trial and wept as the verdict was read aloud.

Net Worth

Colleen Ritzer was a beloved math instructor at Danvers High School before her death. According to social media posts by her mother, Halloween was her favorite holiday and she often donned new costumes during this celebration. No information regarding her love life or potential partners have come forward but according to Ritzer herself Halloween was indeed one of her favorite holidays and costumes were often worn during this event.

Born in Lawrence, Massachusetts to an influential family, she belonged to White Caucasian ethnicity and practiced Christianity. At 24 years old at her death she completed high school education at Andover High School before continuing onto Assumption College for higher studies before starting her teaching career at Salem State College. Thomas and Peggie Ritzer were immensely proud of her.

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