Thomas Thibeault

Thomas Thibeault, a Canadian-Canadian Author

Thomas Thibeault had just completed his third run of the day as part of an offseason conditioning regimen put together with Kendall Thibeault, senior attacker.

Thomas Thibeault was charged on Saturday with six counts of felonious sexual assault and one count of second-degree domestic violence-strangulation, all felonies. He was taken into preventative detention until Tuesday at which time he will be brought before Merrimack County Superior Court for trial.

Early Life and Education

FIRE was initially under the assumption that Thibeault’s novel would be some sort of humorous takeoff on his experience being mobbed by college administrators, until we learned otherwise.

Thibeault experienced an aortic dissection while participating in a lacrosse practice and lost half his blood supply, necessitating surgery to install a mechanical valve and receive proper medical treatment.

Now, after 30 years teaching across Europe and Russia, Africa and the Middle East, Thibeault is turning his experiences into writing. His second novel The Man Who Stole Himself chronicles Union Admiral Samuel Francis Du Pont’s friendship with former slave Robert Smalls; for which Thibeault spent approximately one year researching.

Professional Career

Thibeault served the University of Minnesota for 41 years, initially in Astronomy office before transitioning into administrative staff position. She quickly gained popularity with colleagues and students for her friendly manner and personable nature.

She has presented and performed her work in venues spanning from New York City to Lisbon, Portugal. Additionally, she has taught and choreographed at colleges and universities throughout the US as well as overseas.

This fall, she will join Bucknell assistant coach Judd Lattimore in coaching the Bison. Her focus with freshmen will be laying a strong foundation for their careers; her addition will aid coaches with all those minor details often neglected by other coaches; furthermore she’s sure to add invaluable assistance when developing weight room programs!

Achievement and Honors

Thibault was an unassuming individual who preferred to follow orders from his bishop rather than take control himself of matters. Yet he served an essential role between Indians and the government – acting as an intermediary and contributing greatly to opening up western and northern Canada.

She earned an exceptional record both on the field and in the classroom, becoming known for being both an invaluable team leader and role model for her peers.

She was honored with GE’s Silver Medal award, presented to mid-career scientists and engineers for their outstanding contributions that significantly advance its business. Her groundbreaking technology in Iterative Reconstruction for CT was instrumental in changing how low-dose CT scans are employed today.

Personal Life

Thibeault speaks both English and French fluently and is currently learning Spanish, as well as being an avid reader and traveler. Additionally, she finds great enjoyment from spending time with family and friends and travelling – she recently made the switch from meat-eating to vegetarianism due to improved boxing performance as a result of this decision.

Thibeault enjoys hiking and running marathons; she also geocaches and hunts. Finally, she owns an adorable cat named Simba who she’s very fond of.

Thibeault attended an East Georgia College training session regarding their sexual harassment policy in 2009. At that session, she and Vice-President Smith disagreed over whether an alleged victim’s perception alone warranted filing a report of sexual harassment – leading to her dismissal from East Georgia College shortly thereafter.

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