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Judge Thomas Thrash

Judge Thomas Thrash was an esteemed public safety leader. After graduating with an associate degree from Lawson State Community College, he went on to obtain both his Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from University of Alabama at Birmingham as well as his Juris Doctorate from Miles law school.

On Tuesday, a senior U.S. district judge in Atlanta ruled in favor of allowing a venture capital firm’s program that grants grants exclusively to businesses led by black women to continue.

Early Life and Education

Thrash left Georgia at 15 in search of work, performing plantation vaudeville-esque acts for nickels and dimes on plantations farms. By 22, he had settled in Chicago where he took night classes at the Art Institute of Chicago.

He credits his involvement with the Federal Art Project during the 1930s as being pivotal to his career, helping create a revolutionary printing technique called carborundum mezzotint that enabled greater tonal variations and more expressive hues.

Thrash’s hope is that more people will get vaccinated and that COVID-19 cases will decrease so jury trials can resume; if that occurs, he could return to his bench as early as May or June; until then, he has been working in public safety services.

Professional Career

Thomas Thrash graduated with honors and obtained a law degree from Ouachita Baptist University. As senior partner at Rose Law Firm – and winner of Trial Lawyer of the Year award in Arkansas – Thomas is also an active member of Immanuel Baptist Church as well as having served on their board and Pleasant Valley Country Club’s membership committees.

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Achievement and Honors

Thrash currently serves as an Aerospace Science Instructor for Rome High School’s AFJROTC Unit in Rome, Georgia. Prior to that he held the Airman Leadership Program Superintendent position for Enlisted Professional Military Education at Thomas N. Barnes Center at Maxwell Air Force Base. Alabama

He is also a board member of the Birmingham Police Department Foundation; board member for Red Cross Bessemer Office; deacon/member at 21st Street Baptist Church and sponsor for Bikes for Bessemer. In terms of education he earned an associate degree at Lawson State Community College before going on to earn both bachelor’s and juris doctorate degrees at Miles Law School.

He specializes in class action and mass tort litigation, and has written the textbook “Court Trials”. This work provides information about the procedures and techniques necessary for conducting and defending court trials in federal district courts.

Personal Life

Thrash is married to Toni Kitterman, a high school teacher who earned the 2013 Arkansas Teacher of the Year title, and they share two sons together. Additionally, Thrash serves on the board for Bike for Birmingham as well as being an official deacon at 21st Street Baptist Church in Birmingham.

Judge Thrash was officially inaugurated as the new judge for Georgia’s Northern District on November 20, 2018, with courthouses located in Atlanta, Gainesville, Newnan and Rome. He will work on civil, family and criminal cases.

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Net Worth

Thomas Thrash has made himself known in music circles through his prolific output. His signature style can be heard across many genres and artists alike; commercial success came courtesy of Daft Punk, which was formed with him.

Personal: He is married and has two children. In terms of community involvement, he serves as a board member of Red Cross Bessemer office as well as being deacon at 21st Street Baptist Church where he sponsors its bicycle program for local residents.

He possesses extensive experience as a District Court Judge and believes he will make an exceptional Circuit Court Judge, providing fair treatment of all parties involved and upholding legal regulations.

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