Thomas Tomczak

Artist Thomas Tomczak

Tomczak’s artwork explores the emotional lives of transgressive fictional characters such as Jane from Paris, Texas as she loiters at a peep show booth. The delicate pencil marks and washes of color add structure to each image in his works.

He currently resides in Michigan and works at MidMichigan Medical Center-West Branch; additionally he is associated with McLaren Bay Region.

Early Life and Education

Tomczak was a long-serving prosecutor in Toledo and county assistant prosecutor in county courts before retiring as an advocate for those he represented, such as lawyers just starting practice he often advised them after losing cases: “Don’t allow defeat to deter you from pressing onward. Keep fighting the good fight until the end.”

Nicelle Beauchene Gallery presents Tomczak’s debut solo exhibition, Salt for Breakfast, at their project space Third Floor project space in Philadelphia. Featuring portraits of Tomczak’s friends arranged loosely inside scenes he depicts direct intimacy for viewers – yet often confronting. Surviving are wife Deb; daughters Beth Schmidt and Steve Tomczak as well as step daughter Tobey Petas plus steps sons Thad Save and Rodney Save as well as six grandchildren plus many close family and friends.

Professional Career

Tomczak served as Toledo’s chief prosecutor and county assistant prosecutor before entering private practice. He became widely respected for his ability to present cases effectively to juries, always maintaining an ethical approach to his practice.

He was an active member of Toledo Repertoire Theatre and participated in performing and directing productions such as Harold Hill in 1984. Additionally, he sang in the choir of St Mary Catholic Church in North Toledo and enjoyed golf at Highland Meadows Golf Course in Sylvania.

Nicelle Beauchene’s Salt for Breakfast showcases portraits of her friends drawn in watercolor and graphite, at once captivating and disturbing the viewer with their intimate portraits of power dynamics within relationships, yet at close range, their faces dissolve into delicate washes of color with precise pencil marks questioning power imbalances within intimate relationships.

Achievement and Honors

Tom served with distinction in the military and was honored to receive multiple awards including: Army Commendation Medal twice and Achievement Medal, National Defense Service Medal and Iraq Campaign Service Medals.

He served as past President of East Greenbush-Castleton Little League and on its Board of Directors; additionally he has held memberships in Albany Business Review’s 40 Under Forty group as well as American Marketing Association of New York Capital Region Chapter’s Marketing of Excellence group.

Tom is happily married. He resides with Laura and their sons Luke and Tyler. Tom has been an active member of St. Mary’s Catholic Church his whole life as well as being an enthusiastic supporter of local sports such as Aberdeen Central High School and Northern State University games.

Personal Life

Tomczak had an abiding love of music and sports, following the New York Yankees through their glory years and doldrums. Additionally, he avidly followed politics – campaigning for local office while still in his youth before serving as Toledo’s chief prosecutor and county assistant prosecutor respectively.

His family includes his wife Deb Tomczak of Sylvania; daughters Beth Schmidt and Steve Tomczak; step-daughter Tobey Petas; stepson Thad Save; as well as six grandchildren and many nieces and nephews.

Tomczak’s watercolor and graphite portraits of women fill Nicelle Beauchene’s apartment gallery with an affective storm. Depictions of real-life friends staged within loosely defined interior scenes provide a confrontational intimacy; rather than depicting individual personalities, these works reveal assumptions and power structures underlying relationships.

Net Worth

Tomczak was once a backup quarterback with both the Green Bay Packers and Cleveland Browns, currently volunteering as a Division FCS aka 1AA Youngstown State University volunteer coach. Additionally, he serves as an expert sports commentator and has published his autobiography detailing his playing days.

Tomczak has not only achieved great success as an NFL player but has also enjoyed an outstanding MMA career, competing in over 20 fights with an overall record of 6-2. Additionally, he had an established music career fronting Red Rider band.

Deb Tomczak says she was unsurprised that Tomczak was let go from the Bears. According to her account, Tomczak had become verbally abusive towards her, had threatened her physically and had even stepped on her foot before eventually receiving a temporary restraining order against him.

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