Thomas Wayda

Thomas Wayda and Jayda Cheaves

Thomas Wayda serves as a Managing Director at Greystone Real Estate Services. In this capacity, he oversees debt placement – helping arrange commercial real estate financing on behalf of clients of Greystone.

Wayda is an accomplished entrepreneur and social media influencer with millions of views on YouTube and a substantial following on Instagram.

Early Life and Education

He has worked with celebrities such as Jack Nicholson, Denzel Washington, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Selleck, Demi Moore, Claudia Schifer and Claudia Schifer; his photographs have also appeared in fashion, lifestyle and sports publications.

Wayda was raised in Southern California before attending the University of Utah where he majored in journalism and political science. While studying, Wayda began taking newspaper photographs for Zions Cooperative Mercantile Institution (ZCMI) in Salt Lake City where he honed his craft and perfected his style.

He is the proud parent of two daughters and three grandchildren, married to Elva Priviech with whom he shares six siblings; unfortunately his mother passed away in 1988. Currently living in Latrobe Pennsylvania with an estimated net worth estimated at $4 Million; in a relationship for 20 years was Frank Priviech his younger brother.

Professional Career

Thomas Wayda has over two decades of experience working in real estate finance and specializes in institutional-grade commercial property loans. His experience includes time on Starwood Property Trust’s Capital Markets team as well as Wells Fargo Bank’s Real Estate Capital Markets group; additionally he serves as an advisor for several high-profile developers such as Durst Organization.

At Greystone, he serves as Managing Director, Debt Placement. In this position he arranges commercial real estate financing solutions for their clients since 2022.

Thomas Wayda can be found working at our New York City branch with fellow professionals such as Morris Dabbah, Alex Bailkin, Omar Ferreira and Megan Withers. Our database has hundreds of thousands of professionals similar to Thomas Wayda.

Personal Life

Thomas Wayda is an American real estate financier and entrepreneur. With extensive experience working on Capital Markets team at Starwood Property Trust (a division of Starwood Capital Group) as well as Real Estate Capital Markets group at Wells Fargo Bank.

He is an active social media user with a significant following on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Loyal is his son with wife Jayda.

Jayda is an immensely popular model and influencer with an enormous following on various social media platforms. She created her self-titled YouTube channel in 2018 and maintains an active presence on Instagram; additionally she runs her own fashion line as an entrepreneur. Furthermore, Jayda stays actively connected to her audience by posting daily photos that document her day-to-day life to their platform.

Net Worth

Jayda Cheaves is an influential social media influencer and model who is best known for her relationship with rapper Lil Baby. She enjoys amassed followers across platforms as well as running her own fashion line named Waydamin; experts estimate her net worth at $4 Million.

Thomas Wayda is an integral member of Greystone’s commercial real estate finance team in New York City and works as its Managing Director. Specializing in debt placement – which involves arranging commercial real estate financing packages for clients – Thomas is well known as an expert at debt placement for clients in need of real estate financing solutions.

He boasts over 10 years of experience in real estate and holds a Bachelor’s degree from Temple University’s Fox School of Business. Additionally, he worked at Starwood Property Trust and Wells Fargo Bank where his focus was capital markets groups.

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