Thomas Wenham

Thomas Wenham

Thomas Wenham was an esteemed bible scholar with conservative credentials – yet when he expressed disagreement with the party line on hell, all his credibility evaporated instantly.

Tom Wenham has served on Wellington’s first council and been elected “mayor” three times during its two decade history, providing unique insights. Recently he met with Palm Beach Post journalists to reflect on all that has transpired within its community.

Early Life and Education

Before the advent of public schools in New England, parents would often teach their children the fundamentals of education at home. Though they were often poor themselves, these individuals believed it was their duty to ensure all children received an excellent education.

Thomas Wenham played an essential part in Wellington’s transition from suburb to municipality and after his name being added to a plaque Tuesday evening’s Village Council Meeting approved a policy which allows Wenham’s name to be officially added on it.

Regis Wenham joined her husband at the podium and was all smiles as she wrapped her arms around him, taking a deep breath before starting her remarks and thanking both Wenham and the council members for all they had done for the community.

Professional Career

Thomas Wenham is an active family man and community volunteer. He holds positions on both the School Committee and youth football and hockey organizations as a volunteer.

He possesses an insatiable appetite for business and technology, which has allowed him to build a highly successful career as an entrepreneur. Additionally, he has spent significant time working within various sporting environments like GreaterSport and British Basketball where he held leadership roles with these organisations.

He currently works at Madison Pediatric Dental & Orthodontics in Monona, Wisconsin where he utilizes his experience and training to assist children in attaining healthy smiles. Since joining in 2008, the practice has expanded steadily; and his efforts have earned recognition both at state and national levels as well as frequent speaking opportunities at business and orthodontic conferences.

Achievement and Honors

As well as his numerous volunteer efforts in his community, Wenham has held positions on both boards – Selectmen and Assessors in Wenham – while being part of Salem Veteran Writers Workshop as well as serving as Editor for Soundings East Literary Magazine.

As a councilmember, Wenham played an essential role in the founding of Wellington as an independent town. His contributions have made him an indispensable member of our community; recently, Village Council decided to honor him with inclusion on their Founders Plaque as recognition of their contribution in making Wellington what it is today.

Two North Andover students have earned recognition on Merrimack College’s Dean’s List for fall semester 2018. To qualify, students must achieve a grade point average of 3.25 on a 4.0 scale or greater.

Personal Life

No matter the obstacles presented to him by life, Wenham has handled each setback with grace and confidence. Never allowing adversity to slow him down, Wenham remains active within his community.

As both father and grandfather, he enjoys simple family gatherings as well as spending countless hours at hockey arenas, wrestling mats, fencing strips, or tracks. Additionally, he appreciates fine food and wine – not forgetting his passion for history!

Regis Wenham survives, as do her four sons: Tom (Nancy), Kevin, Andrew, and David – as well as four grandchildren, Fiona Connerty Tess Connerty Jack Ciccio and Camden Ciccio.

Net Worth

After making his mark as one of cinematic history’s biggest blockbusters, Wenham quickly become a fixture in Hollywood with high profile roles in additional bombastic productions like “Van Helsing” (2004) and “300” (2007). Additionally, his period offerings such as Rowan Woods’ searing play “The Boys” (1997) or Michael Mann’s 2009 movie “Pope Joan” received critical acclaim.

On television, Wenham became an unlikely sex symbol through his portrayal of Diver Dan on Australian Broadcasting Company’s weekly series SeaChange for 26 episodes, romancing female judges over time and earning him numerous magazine covers and an Australian Film Institute Award nomination.

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