Ti Rapper Net Worth

TI Rapper Net Worth

In addition to rapping and releasing music, TI rapper has also published two books and appears in several films. His latest album, Paper Trail, sold more than 500,000 copies in its first week. His net worth is $50 million and he has three children with three different baby mamas.

TI rapper has a net worth of $50 million

TI is a multi-faceted artist with a net worth of $50 million. A successful rapper and entrepreneur, he works on a variety of projects and regularly releases new music. His latest venture is a new social networking website that focuses on hip hop culture.

The rapper is also a producer and director. He produces a television show on the Oxygen Channel, Sisterhood of Hip Hop. He also uses his net worth for charitable causes. For example, he has lent his name to the Boys and Girls Club and has used his nightclub in Atlanta to hold a bicycle giveaway.

TI was born in Atlanta and spent most of his early years in the Center Hill neighborhood. His grandparents raised him and he had a close relationship with both of them. His father, however, was mostly based in New York City, and TI would often fly out to visit him. His mother, on the other hand, lived near Atlanta. Unfortunately, his father died from Alzheimer’s disease at a young age.

TI began rapping at age eight. His first freestyle battles started in high school. However, he did not become a successful rapper until his early 20s. In 2001, TI signed with the music label Arista Records, which granted him generous artist rights.

Although his first album was a flop, the rapper did not let this stop him. He continued to work on his music, and his popularity soared. He has collaborated with other artists, and he has become one of the most profitable rappers of the decade.

He has three sons

Rapper Ti’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. His net worth has increased dramatically since he married Tameka Cottle in 2010. Their marriage has been a success, and the two are now married with three children. In addition to three sons, T.I. has a daughter from a previous relationship.

Heiress is the youngest of T.I’s children and the third biological daughter. Thousands of Instagram users have followed her burgeoning music career. Her parents’ fame made her popular even before she was born. She has a budding music career and a modeling career. She has 3.4 million followers on Instagram. She is also in a relationship with rapper Bandhunta Izzy, and they are expecting another child together.

T.I.’s wife, Tameka Harris, is a singer and songwriter. She met the rapper in 2001 and they got married in 2010. Their first child, Major, was born in 2007. He was the youngest of the three before his younger sister, Ti., came along. The couple spoils Major the most.

In addition to music, Ti. Harris has a successful career as a songwriter and singer. His sixth studio album, Paper Trail, sold over 500,000 copies in its first week of release. He has also appeared in several movies, and has written two novels. The novels Difficulty and Success were released in 2011 and Energy and Beauty was published in 2012.

He has a daughter

Ti rapper has a daughter? Quite the controversy – and controversy about hymen checks. The rapper, a B-list celebrity, has a daughter. In this article, a B-list celebrity publicist reveals that the rapper subjected his daughter to a hymen check. The rapper later apologized, saying that he was not in the room at the time.

He has three other baby mamas

T.I. and Tameka Harris have two children together. The first, Major Philant Harris, was born in May 2008 and the second, Heiress Diana Harris, was born on March 26, 2016. T.I. recently discussed his children and their upbringing in an interview with XXL. He explained that being honest with his children is the best parenting style.

Tiny was the third baby mama, but she wouldn’t trade her situation for anything. She doesn’t regret the decisions she made in raising Zonnique. In addition to her daughter, she has three other children from previous relationships. After losing her second child, Tiny struggled with depression.

The rapper is not the only one to have multiple women. Michael Jackson, another music star, had several children with different women. He shares four children with Lalonne Martinez, but unfortunately, his youngest child was born with a placental abruption, which required him to undergo an emergency c-section.

In addition to Lil Wayne, the Ti rapper also has three other baby mamas. The first one, Neal, was born in November 2009 to Nivea. The two later had a relationship, and the two still have cordial ties. Ti rapper has three other baby mamas, but they are still very close to one another.

He has a book

Hip-hop artist Ti has released his debut book, titled Power & Beauty. The book tells the story of an impressionable young man who follows his shady mentor Slim through the world of crime while pursuing his unattainable crush Beauty. The book has elements of The Great Gatsby and Boyz N the Hood, and is the first installment of a planned trilogy.

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