Tifa Jacko

Tifa Jacko – The Ultimate Final Fantasy Fighter

Final Fantasy has long been beloved franchise among fans, and one of its most beloved characters – Tifa Lockhart – inspires endless fanart and other creative projects.

Now, a 1/4 scale statue of Tifa in her Jack-O pose from Guilty Gear has been put up for pre-order on FavorGK – unlicensed and extremely inappropriate!

Early Life and Education

Tifa had an outgoing and charismatic personality from childhood on. She excelled at Zangaan’s martial arts school and made many friends; later she found work as a bartender at 7th Heaven in Sector Seven’s slums; here, she befriended numerous customers at once while helping raise Barret’s daughter Marlene alongside them.

After becoming acquainted with one of her customers, Cloud Strife, she quickly developed a crush. His military training had her inspired to become one as well, so when they met up on Mt. Nibelheim together while trying to summon Holy together again, she made him promise he’d save her once more; and indeed he did; though not without suffering serious injury himself during their fall from its hazardous peak.

Professional Career

Tifa, one of the most beloved female characters from Final Fantasy series, is an unyielding, powerful fighter known as Tifa. Her powerful physical attacks and limit break attacks make her an effective combatant; her limit break attacks deliver massive amounts of damage quickly to enemies.

She has often been held up as an example of a strong and independent female game character similar to Lara Croft and has earned significant media coverage due to her role in the series. Additionally, Ehrgeiz can be found appearing in other games, including Dissidia Final Fantasy fighting game series.

Achievement and Honors

Tifa, in addition to being the owner of 7th Heaven bar, is also a powerful member of AVALANCHE, an environmental protection group dedicated to safeguarding planet Earth against environmental damage. She can be found appearing in various Final Fantasy titles such as Advent Children.

Tifa is a strong character who can deal significant physical damage. She makes an ideal choice for players who prefer using magic materia, however once Tifa has reached higher levels it would be wiser to equip her with command materia and focus on increasing her strength stat.

An unlicensed statue of Tifa from Guilty Gear doing her famous Jack-O pose has made waves on social media this year. Available for pre-order through Favor GK – an unlicensed sculpture company specialising in unlicensed erotica based around anime and JRPG characters – the statue is making waves online and can now be pre-ordered.

Personal Life

Tifa escapes Nibelheim after its destruction and settles in Midgar. There she owns and runs 7th Heaven bar before becoming involved with eco-terrorist group Avalanche, where she convinces Cloud Strife to join. Together they battle Sephiroth and Shinra Electric Power Company together. Her nature is reserved yet empathic; providing emotional and intellectual support.

Remake is no slouch in terms of martial arts either, showing off her impressive list of combat moves. Unfortunately, Remake still struggles to balance running her business while fighting crime in the slums.

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