Tinmiaq Hailstone

Tinmiaq Hailstone, daughter of Chip Hailstone from Life Below Zero fame, lives a comfortable life with both of her parents. However, she has not revealed much about her personal or romantic affairs.

However, the state alleged that Bitz made false statements. Instead, Young attempted to stop an assault against Tinmiaq by physically moving Bitz away.

Early Life and Education

Tinmiaq Hailstone may be best known as the daughter of celebrity photographer Chip Hailstone; however, little is known about her early life in Noovrik, Alaska where she lives with her family. An accomplished hunter, Tinmiaq has an eye for survival in Alaskan weather conditions as well as dangerous animals.

Her father Chip is an established television personality. He has made multiple television appearances over time, such as appearing in the popular documentary series Life Below Zero which documents subsistence hunters in their daily and seasonal activities, receiving multiple Primetime Creative Arts Emmy nominations.

Hailstone testified under oath that Bitz intruded upon Tinmiaq’s personal space and assaulted her, leading Trooper Young to physically intervene and remove Bitz from her. Furthermore, Hailstone also claimed Bitz taunted and stared directly at both Hailstones.

Professional Career

Tinmiaq Hailstone, daughter of Chip and Agnes Hailstone, has become a well-known TV personality through her appearances on ‘Life Below Zero.’ A talented hunter and survivalist, Tinmiaq currently resides with both parents in Alaska.

At present, the daughter of a prominent individual has not revealed her height and weight to media outlets. However, she appears attractive with striking brown eyes.

Personal Details of Tinmiaq Hailstone privesting her personal life; it is unclear as she hasn’t shared any other details of her love or dating life. She lives with both parents, along with five children: Tinmiaq, Iriqtaq, Mary Caroline and Quran Hailstone. Tinmiaq hailstone is a sincere Christian belonging to Caucasian ethnic background who completed schooling from an area school near her hometown in America.

Achievement and Honors

Chip and Agnes have five daughters together: Tinmiaq, Iriqtaq, Mary Caroline and Qutan. Tinmiaq’s life was featured on National Geographic reality TV show Life Below Zero while she regularly helped teach her parents survival techniques through teaching survival skills to her younger sisters.

Chip Hailstone’s daughter Tinmiaq and stepson Jon were involved in an altercation with several villagers that included brandishing weapons. Chip later reported that an Alaska State Trooper grabbed Tinmiaq by her arm while having their eyes focused on her breasts and visible erection, prompting Chip to claim that an Alaska State Trooper grabbed his daughter by the arm while looking at his breasts as part of their investigation.

Trooper Bitz denied any claim that he had advanced on Tinmiaq or placed his hand on his firearm at any point during the encounter, nor glared at or taunted the Hailstones in any way.

Personal Life

Chip Hailstone, originally from Alaska, currently leads an nomadic lifestyle with his family. He is best known for his role on National Geographic reality TV show Life Below Zero where he documents their hunts and other outdoor activities.

Since 2015, Hailstone and Agnes Hailstone have enjoyed an immensely popular TV show that has attracted millions of viewers globally. Together with their five children (Tinmiaq, Iriqtaq, Mary Caroline and Quran).

Hailstone had reported to Rallo that a state trooper assaulted his daughter Tinmiaq and placed her in what Hailstone described as a submission hold. Hailstone claims Young intervened and physically removed Bitz from their daughter.

Net Worth

As of 2023, Tinmiaq Hailstone had not taken an active part in her professional career and her salary and net worth were unknown. She stood an average height and weight and featured beautiful eyes and fair skin complexion.

Agnes Hailstone, Tinmiaq Hailstone’s mother, hails from the Inupiat tribe in Alaska, as well as being an accomplished hunter. Together with Tinmiaq they live with their four children in Alaska’s wild terrain where their television show ‘Life Below Zero’ has made them nationally-famous.

He is an advocate for traditional Alaskan life and strongly champions Native peoples’ rights. At one point he claimed an Alaska state trooper assaulted his daughter; however, they denied these allegations at trial. Additionally, he has two sons from an earlier relationship as well as five daughters with his current partner; all reside together in Noorvik, Alaska.

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