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Divorce Court Judge Lynn Toler Net Worth $20 Million

Judge Lynn Toler applies her scrutinous gaze to couples in crisis to decide whether they commit or withdraw. By gathering surveillance footage, personal interviews and testimony from friends and family members, Judge Toler reaches her decision on their future together or not.

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Early Life and Education

Lynn Toler is best known as one of the judges from Divorce Court; however, in addition to this role she has written several books and made appearances in other shows. With an estimated net worth of $20 Million she also supports domestic violence prevention efforts on both local and national levels.

Through her career, Toler has championed women’s and children’s rights issues, serving the community through service projects and education activities; serving on the Florida Council for Child Abuse Prevention board was just another milestone she accomplished.

As an award-winning television show host, she has hosted Power of Attorney. Additionally, she has made appearances on MyNetworkTV’s Decision House and as a bimonthly contributor for NPR radio show News and Notes. In her free time she volunteers at various charitable organizations; currently serving on the Board of Trustees at Guadalupe Center in Naples Florida.

Professional Career

Lynn Toler, after leaving Divorce Court as a judge, went on to host Wedlock or Deadlock and other dating shows, Marriage Boot Camp reality series and later WE TV’s Commit or Quit series where she assists couples make life-altering decisions.

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Achievement and Honors

Lynn Toler is leaving Divorce Court after 13 years on screen, promising fans that former Judge Faith Jenkins will make an excellent successor when she takes over in July.

She can currently be seen in her new WE tv series Commit or Quit with Judge Lynn Toler. Each one-hour episode follows eight couples as secrets are exposed and core issues addressed.

As a first-generation college student and former foster youth, Toler has worked as a Court Appointed Special Advocate volunteer, planning to specialize in family law after law school. She was honored with being granted the Frost Brown Todd Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship for 2021 in January.

Personal Life

Lynn Toler is known for her long and remarkable career that has won her millions of fans. Additionally, she’s a best-selling author with several books offering insight into relationships and life.

In 2007, she expanded her television presence by taking on hosting duties for Divorce Court and MyNetworkTV’s Decision House, two couples therapy programs. She later started bimonthly contributing to News and Notes on National Public Radio as a bi-monthly contributor.

Recently, Toler announced her plans to leave the show permanently in July 2019, assuring viewers that Faith Jenkins, best known as Judge Faith on Judge Faith will step in as its new presiding judge and couples will face off before her as secrets are unveiled and core issues revealed via testimony provided by those close to them.

Net Worth

Lynn Toler has become a familiar face on Divorce Court since 2006. The level-headed arbiter was known for offering advice, words of wisdom, and trying to calmly talk sense into contentious couples. Additionally, Lynn hosted MyNetworkTV’s prime time show Decision House as an outlet for couples to address and work through relationship problems.

Toler has also written two books and is active in her community, running a mentoring program for teenage girls. She and Eric Mumford reside in Mesa, Arizona since 1989 and share two sons together; Toler has amassed an estimated net worth of $20 Million thanks to her successful career as both judge and author of multiple books.

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