Toni Henry

Toni Henry

Toni Jo Henry experienced tragedy throughout her life, losing both parents and being subject to abuse from them both. Later she met Claude “Cowboy” Henry and they fell deeply in love.

Toni Jo was determined to break her husband out of prison on Valentine’s Day 1940; therefore she recruited Harold “Arkie” Burks as an accomplice, believing he knew everything there was about Huntsville Penitentiary.

Early Life and Education

Annie Beatrice McQuiston, commonly known as Toni Jo Henry, was born near Shreveport, Louisiana on January 3rd 1916. When her mother succumbed to tuberculosis when she was six years old, Toni moved in with her aunt and started working at a local brothel for money and drugs/alcohol abuse.

In 1939, she met Claude “Cowboy” Henry at the brothel she worked at and fell deeply in love. A once-promising prize fighter with financial troubles who helped break free her of drug dependency. They married soon afterwards and made plans for their honeymoon trip across California.

On Valentine’s Day 1940, Cowboy and an accomplice named Arkie Burks committed the crime of robbery and murder against a police officer in Dallas. Cowboy received a 50-year prison sentence which was later commuted due to poor health; several years later however he was killed by a cafe owner in Dallas.

Professional Career

Toni has established herself as an expert in business development, strategic communications and grassroots strategies for fast-growing entities. Her main priority lies in connecting with people to forge meaningful relationships that foster an atmosphere of excellence.

She was born in Minnesota and adopted at five. At that age, she became a frequent user of alcohol and drugs while engaging in prostitution to support her habit. Later, she married Claude Henry a down-on-his luck prize fighter known for committing petty crimes and violent behavior.

Henry was sentenced to execution using the electric chair in Louisiana in 1942 – making her the only woman ever executed using this method. Her crime and execution have inspired several television programs such as Gangbusters as well as two books including A Savage Wisdom and Stone Justice; they even created an internet meme!

Achievement and Honors

Toni Henry has earned 19 different awards and fellowships since 2016, in areas spanning fiction, nonfiction, essays, poetry translation and translation, including the PEN/Saul Bellow Award for Achievement in American Fiction; the PEN/Jacqueline Bograd Weld Prize for distinguished biography Agnes Martin: Her Life and Art and the PEN/ESPN Literary Sports Writing Award.

She won two Tony awards – her third, for Sondheim’s Company on Broadway – as well as an Emmy and three Grammy nominations for Gypsy revival, two Emmy nominations and three Grammy nominations.

She donated $8 Million to the University of Connecticut to establish a management and entrepreneurship department within its School of Business. Additionally, she established an undergraduate scholarship fund within that department.

Personal Life

Toni is an Associate Designer + Project Director at Detroit Collaborative Design Center where she oversees projects ranging from tiny play structures to neighborhood plans. Additionally, Toni enjoys genealogy research and travel as hobbies in her free time.

Toni Jo Henry was the only woman ever executed by Louisiana’s electric chair, born near Shreveport and experiencing her mother’s death from tuberculosis when she was six years old. Soon thereafter she started drinking and using drugs before finding work at brothels in Louisiana.

At the brothel, she met and married Claude “Cowboy” Henry; at that time he was serving a fifty-year sentence for murdering an ex-police officer. They planned a breakout attempt for Valentine’s Day 1940 but their accomplice betrayed them and they were caught. Later in Camden, Arkansas she was electrocuted on November 28, 1942.

Net Worth

Net worth can be defined as the difference between all assets owned and liabilities owed; this definition can also take into account cash flows as one method to calculate net worth.

Derrick Henry has an estimated net worth of around $12 Million as of 2023. His wealth comes mainly from his NFL salary and endorsement deals, as well as investments made in various commercial and business ventures. Henry has made himself known through endorsement deals with Nike, Campbell’s Chunky Soup brand Campbell’s, Insurance company Geico and pizza chain Pizza Hut ads; also owned a lavish home in Brookline; supported literacy for children through Two All Foundation.

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