Tori Bates Net Worth

Tori Bates Net Worth – How Much is Tori Bates Worth?

Tori Bates and Bobby Smith, 23 and 27, respectively, are excitedly expecting their first child this fall; and are looking forward to finding out whether it is a boy or a girl!

Tori graduated from Crown College with a bachelor’s degree in education and biblical studies in 2015. She met Bobby through a mutual friend in 2015, and they officially started courting in November 2016.

Early Life and Education

Tori Bates is well known for starring on her family’s reality series Bringing Up Bates which premiered January 1, 2015. She graduated from Crown College with a degree in Biblical studies and elementary education.

Tori announced her relationship with Bobby Smith in February 2017, going long-distance for approximately one year until Bobby proposed at Wiseman’s View on September 21, 2017 and they married later that month at Calvary Baptist Church Knoxville Tennessee.

Now, Tori Bates (age 25) and her husband are expecting their third child together; a daughter they will call Charlotte Raine. Tori already has two sons named Robert Ellis Smith IV (aka Kade) and Kolter Gray. In an exclusive preview for Thursday’s midseason finale of Bringing Up Bates, Tori shares her first experience with childbirth.

Professional Career

Tori Bates is a reality star best known for her appearances on Bringing Up Bates and representing Bates Sisters Boutique brand.

Tori Bates was born December 20, 1995 to Gil and Kelly Jo Bates and studied violin performance at Crown College before tutoring her younger siblings as part of her free time.

She is currently dating Bobby Smith and they share two sons; Robert Ellis Smith IV (Kade) and Kolter Gray as well as Charlotte Raine who was born June 20, 2021. Together they reside in East Tennessee.

Tori and Bobby Bates have taken steps towards starting an extended family, marrying early and having children as quickly as they possibly can.

Achievement and Honors

Tori Bates first made headlines as one of her parents’ reality show stars on Bringing Up Bates when it premiered in 2015. Born December 20, 1995 as seventh of 19 children of Robert and Linda Bates, Tori attended homeschool until later enrolling at Crown College of the Bible to study education.

She and Bobby Smith share two sons named Kade and Kolter and are expecting their third child this year; Charlotte.

She is also involved with numerous charities, and recently released her own line of baby clothing. Additionally, she operates her own website selling sewing projects and children’s books; both she and Lawson were in Michaela Keilen’s wedding party for her marriage to Blakely McQueen.

Personal Life

Tori Bates and her family have become widely-known through the reality show Bringing Up Bates on Up TV, currently in its eighth season and soon-to-be released for airing as its ninth.

Tori Bates is one of 19 children of Gil and Kelly Jo Bates and attended homeschool before beginning violin lessons as a child. After graduating high school she enrolled at Crown College to study education.

Tori married Bobby Smith in 2017 and currently has two children together with one more on the way. Since living together, they’ve been living in East Tennessee where she excels as an violinist – often tutoring her younger siblings – as well as designing houses. Tori considers them close, sharing extended bonds of friendship.

Net Worth

Tori Bates currently boasts an estimated net worth of around $1 Million, earning most of her wealth through her participation in Up TV’s reality show Bringing Up Bates.

Tori Bates has seen her popularity and earning potential increase significantly thanks to Kelly Jo and Gil Bates’ 19 children, their families and Tori’s appearance on this reality show.

Bobby Smith and she first met in 2015 and began dating shortly thereafter. A year later they got engaged at Wiseman’s View in September that year before getting married on December 16, 2017.

Tori has nine siblings: Michael, Erin, Alyssa, Ellie Carlin Josie Katie Addallee Callie Anna. Tori attended high school and Crown College before leaving to focus on her family show. Tori and her partner will soon welcome their first child together but for now have been enjoying life with such a large extended family!

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