Tornado Damage In Texas Yesterday

Tornado Damage in Texas Yesterday

Tornado damage in Texas yesterday was extensive and widespread. In fact, it was the largest tornado emergency in the history of the county. The tornado emergency was declared in several areas including Pasadena, Deer Park and Baytown.

According to the National Weather Service, there were at least 16 preliminary reports of tornadoes across the state. These included one tornado in Cooke County, northwest of Callisburg. There were also reports of several tornadoes in the Houston area.

A possible tornado was also reported in Victoria, Texas. It caused a train to flip over. As a result, three people were injured and the Pointe Coupee Parish Sheriff’s Office closed.

Damage was also reported in several other areas of the state. One home in Port Acres was seriously damaged by a tree. Some of the damage was similar to what was seen in Deer Park. Several businesses in the city of Baytown were also affected. More than 17,000 residents were left without power.

During the storm, petrochemical plants shut down and roads were closed in multiple areas. Photos and videos from the area showed major damage on thoroughfares and industrial lots. The iSTAT damage assessment tool provides an overview of the damage that occurred.

Aerial footage shows debris strewn about. In addition to damaged homes and buildings, power lines were down and roads were littered with fallen trees. People were rushing to salvage items from their units. Several schools were canceled today.

At least 30 local roads were closed. Among the most significant reports were damage in Pasadena and Deer Park. Power lines were knocked down in both communities, with several photos and videos showing the extent of the damage. Several houses and buildings had their roofs torn off, and several second floor units had their roofs missing.

Photos and videos also showed the extent of the damage in the Pasadena Animal Shelter. The facility was heavily damaged, but was used for charity purposes.

In the eastern suburbs of the city, several homes and businesses were damaged. Schools were closed, and the area is in a tornado emergency. Residents have been advised to stay clear of the roads and avoid the area.

Other notable damage was found in the southeast Houston area. The Beltway 8 tornado produced significant damage, and ripped the street posts off of the road. It also caused a large traffic jam.

A similar tornado in Wichita Falls caused significant damage and deaths. Many of the victims were in vehicles. The tornado also caused extensive damage to the town’s shopping center, as well as Mc Neil Junior High School. It was rated an EF-3.

According to the National Weather Service, the tornado in Wise County was an EF-2. This tornado also caused major damage and killed 25 people.

Other notable tornadoes included an EF-0 tornado in the North Richland Hills area. It had a damage track of about 1.5 miles. The tornado was confirmed by radar.

The strongest tornado to hit Harris County in more than 20 years, and the biggest tornado in the state in more than a decade, was the EF-3. It had winds of 125 mph.

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