Town Hall 7 Best War Base

Best War Base in Town Hall 7

If you are looking for the best war base in town hall 7, then you have come to the right place! War bases are not like farming bases. They serve two distinct purposes. To protect trophies, farm resources, or to attack other players. These bases utilize storages as bulkheads against attacking troops and also use a perimeter to prevent funneling attacks. A farming base is a good option if you want Dark Elixir Storage to be protected from attackers while still gaining some gold without having to sacrifice your defenses.

The best war base in town hall 7, a large complex that is divided into several compartments with the central compartment protected by a wall, is called “The Best War Base in Town Hall 7”. These compartments each contain a different combination of buildings. The town hall is placed in one section, while the other three are occupied by resource towers and army and defense buildings.

An edge location on a War Base forces an attacker from the right to attack from the left, making troop deployment and funnelling more difficult. This base is a perfect choice for someone looking to achieve the Master League or the Platinum Trophy in Town Hall 7. It also features many storage spaces. The base is also protected against Dark Elixir.

Although a War Base in Town Hall 7 can be a formidable opponent, it is not impossible. In fact, higher Town Hall players struggle to compete with it. The Trophy Base in TH7 is the best war base for achievement gems, thanks to its good compartment design and perimeter structure. A Farming Base in the TH7 is also a good option if you are interested in achievement gems. While a Trophy Base has a more complex structure, a Farming Base offers the advantages of splitter compartments and is easier to get Gold/Elixir Storages than Dark Elixir Storages.

A War / CWL Base in Town Hall 7 has done well for a mini-account during Clan War. Its Air Defenses, and Air Sweeper, have fought off Air Attacks well. As a bonus, the base’s defenses are spread out over the entire base, so it’s impossible for attackers to predict when to attack the base.

If you have the time and resources, you can upgrade your Town Hall to the 7th level by upgrading it to the 7th level. This upgrade costs around 1,200,000 gold coins and takes 6 days. Your Town Hall will get a tower on its roof when it is upgraded. This will give it a look similar to the 6th floor.

A solid TH7 warbase should include anti-dragon strategies and air defense. The goal is to eliminate dragons but not before they reach their core. This requires you to combine your air defenses with your air sweepers.

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