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Evel Knievel and Tracey Knievel

Evel Knievel remains synonymous with record-breaking stunts and an unwavering passion for adventure, inspiring future generations of stunt performers to push their limits and pursue their goals. His legacy remains as an inspiration for generations yet unborn.

Kelly and Robbie, Evel’s children, are well-known; Tracey has had less of an impactful career as a stunt performer compared to them.

Early Life and Education

After failing to finish high school, Knievel dropped out and joined Anaconda Mining Company of Butte as an earth mover operator. His job quickly went from bad to worse when he made headlines by plowing his machine directly into Butte’s main power line and cutting power in much of Butte.

On his motorcycle, he then performed daring stunts such as leaping over two mountain lions and a box of rattlesnakes – drawing in an audience and demonstrating his adeptness at orchestrating such daredevil shows. To gain more exposure for these events, he promoted and promoted them himself, renting venues for their performances and writing press releases to draw the media’s attention.

His fame brought with it many of the pitfalls typically associated with celebrity, including alcohol abuse and erratic behavior as well as several failed marriages. Furthermore, his extensive travel schedule caused him to neglect his personal relationships.

Professional Career

Evel Knievel left an indelible mark in the world of daredevil stunts. His captivating motorcycle jumps and gravity-defying leaps left an unforgettable impression upon audiences around the globe, inspiring many to pursue their own passions and take risks themselves.

Tracey took after her father in embodying fearlessness and quickly rose through the ranks to become a successful performer herself. She managed to maintain both personal and professional lives successfully while showing that it is possible to enjoy success as an extreme performer while still taking care of your family responsibilities.

Her career was generally successful, yet she did experience one particularly serious and excruciatingly painful injury during one performance in Barstow, California. Knievel attempted a stunt involving jumping spread eagle over a speeding motorcycle; unfortunately he mistimed his jump too late and it struck him in the groin, sending him flying 15 feet into the air.

Achievement and Honors

Tracey Knievel was raised in a town that celebrated risk and danger, where her father, Evel Knievel, made his name performing death-defying motorbike stunts and leaping over buses, cars, and canyons. Tracey took after in her footsteps by becoming involved with extreme sports and daredevil acts of her own.

The iconic daredevil was known for his love of luxury goods like fast cars, private planes and yachts. Additionally, his celebrity status made him sought-after by advertisers looking for appearances or endorsements.

He was an outspoken figure in popular culture. Criticized for his recklessness and tendency towards violence, but also recognized for his dedication to stunt work and audacious achievements he pursued over his lifetime despite breaking over 433 bones during his career – yet never gave up his pursuit of audacious goals.

Personal Life

Knievel found inspiration in his family, particularly Tracey who he raised alongside Robbie and Kelly in an atmosphere that encouraged risk taking and extreme sports.

She began to emulate his fearless energy and outlandish persona in her own unique manner, pushing stunt performance further while inspiring others to follow their own dreams.

She experienced many injuries throughout her career; yet, despite losing her son suddenly, she persevered despite these setbacks.

She married twice and had three children: Kelly is an accomplished producer/actor known for Stuntman (2018); Karmen is her daughter; their personal and professional details remain private; they currently reside in Butte, Montana together with their spouse. Their second son Corey is an artist/performer.

Net Worth

Knievel captured audiences around the globe with his spectacular leaps over buses, cars, and even canyons. At his peak in the 1970s, he became one of the most globally recognized celebrities, recognized for both his daring jumps and attire — such as wearing an American flag-print jumpsuit.

Evel also earned money through endorsement deals and marketing appearances. He made guest appearances on several movies and launched Ideal Toy Company products with their signature daredevil stunt shows; leaving an indelible mark on daredevil acts and entertainment; his legacy will live on for many years to come. Kelly Evel survived him, along with their daughters Alicia and Tracey.

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