Transactions For Jayne Company For The Month Of June

Keeping a Record of Transactions For the Jayne Company For the Month of June

Keeping a record of transactions for the Jayne Company for the month of June is not an easy task. Several things have to be kept in mind to complete this task. The items to be recorded, the accounts to be debited, and the notes to be taken.

Accounts to be debited and credited

During June, the Jayne Company has made several transactions. These transactions include payments for rent and other expenses. In addition, Jayne also purchased equipment on account. The equipment cost was $1,100. The company also made a bill to Will Wheaton for welding work. The company paid $740 to the landlord for rent in June.

The company also issued common stock to investors. These shares have gained value. The company is currently trading at a price of $24.10 per share. The company has also made several dividend payments. These dividend payments have included stock gains, bond gains, and real estate gains. The company also makes monthly payments to a mortgage lender. These payments have included mortgage payments, balloon payments, and insurance payments. The company also has made a loan to an employee. The loan is currently scheduled to have a due date and balance due. The company also pays insurance premiums, child support payments, and dividends.

In addition to the above, the company also records a bill to Will Wheaton for $700 for welding work. The company also records a bill for a real estate gain. This gain is recorded in the ACT_MAN_BUS_1 table. The company also records a FIN INST ALREADY LISTED in the ACT_MAN_BUS_1 section. The company also records an AMT COLLAT/GUAR B4 in the ACT_MAN_BUS_1 line.

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