Trisha Yearwood Chow Chow Potato Salad

Trisha Yearwood’s Chow Chow Potato Salad

Whether you’re planning an intimate dinner party for two or a large celebration, it’s always nice to have some easy, go-to recipes on hand. With a few easy ingredients, you can whip up a quick meal like Trisha Yearwood’s Chow Chow Potato Salad.

Chicken wings two ways

Known for her healthy lifestyle, Trisha Yearwood is making classic Southern dishes with a fun Trisha twist. Trisha is a busy mom who hosts ladies’ night, teaches her friends how to cook, and prepares classic Southern finger foods. She also cooks for men in her life.

Trisha Yearwood’s sister Beth helps prepare a stress-free Thanksgiving meal. They recreate classic Southern dishes as gifts. Beth dresses up in a fifties-style dress, and Trisha cooks a retro-inspired meal. During the day, Trisha cooks breakfast and lunch. For dinner, Trisha makes a classic meal of Smashed Sweet Pea Burgers. The meal is followed by desserts of Brownies with Caramel Cream.

In this episode, Trisha Yearwood teaches her friend Jennifer how to make a classic Southern dish, Asparagus Bundles. She also teaches Jennifer how to make an easy Strawberry Salad and a Baked Ham with Brown Sugar Glaze.

Southern brunch

Whether you’re looking for classic southern finger foods or a healthier spin on a traditional breakfast, Trisha’s Southern Kitchen will have something for you. In this episode of Trisha’s Southern Kitchen, Trisha serves up a classic southern lunch, as well as a few new recipes for you to try.

Trisha Yearwood and her sister, Beth, reminisce about some of their favorite family recipes. They cook up a number of recipes for a special meal that they’ll share together. They begin with Green Punch, then reminisce about Buttermilk Rolls, Creamed Spinach Casseress, and other family favorites.

For dinner, Trisha serves up her own take on a Southern favorite. She serves Fried Pickles and Onion Rings, as well as her own take on a Turkey Meatloaf Sandwich. This is one of those dishes that’s a little different from what you’ll find at most restaurants.


Whether you want to cook up a hearty meal or throw a dinner party, Trisha Yearwood has the recipes you need. From Southern comfort food to modern takes on classics, Trisha’s recipes are sure to delight everyone.

Trisha and her crew get into the kitchen to make their favorite recipes. They’ll enjoy a day of good food and fun with Trisha. And if you’re not into cooking, don’t worry – Trisha gives her busy friends recipes for easy weeknight meals that will make life a little easier.

Trisha and her crew get ready for the big game by eating a delicious and protein-packed meal. They’ll enjoy a salad, a juicy burger, and a dessert. And the best part? During the game, Trisha will be watching the Predators, so she’ll be sure to be serving up some of her favorite game day snacks.

Tailgate party

Whether it’s a game day party or a girls night out, Trisha Yearwood has a menu for you. Her recipes range from finger foods to full-blown meals. In addition to her signature dishes, Trisha is working on some new recipes for her fans. And she’s also making a limited-edition record.

Trisha Yearwood is a fan of the Nashville Predators. In honor of the game, she’s inviting her friends over for a game-day party. Her menu includes a savory meal with saucy trout and grilled zucchini. The meal also includes a family sing-a-long.

Trisha Yearwood invites her friend Glenda over for a tea party. The ladies prepare a whimsical menu. The meal includes miniature dishes. The ladies also enjoy a cocktail. And the evening is complete with dessert from New York City.

Thank you meal

During Trisha Yearwood’s newest tour, the “Sister Act” singer is celebrating a special anniversary with her sister Beth. The two cook a classic Southern meal together and reminisce about their childhood. Trisha’s sister Beth also helps Trisha prepare a stress-free Thanksgiving meal.

Trisha Yearwood cooks a crowd-friendly meal for her social media crew. The group eats cheesy Hasselback Potatoes, Mexican Iced Coffee, and a Ginger Peach Crumble with Buttered Pecan topping. They also enjoy the sweet aroma of Trisha’s Cherry Moscow Mule.

Trisha Yearwood cooks for her close friends. She prepares a delicious meal for her friend Allie. She also cooks a healthy meal for her friend Julie. The two swap healthy-eating recipes. The two women make Smashed Sweet Pea Burgers and Kale and Chorizo Soup. For dessert, they make Fruit Crumble Bars.

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