Urabrask New Capenna

Urabrask – New Phyrexian Praetor in New Capenna

Urabrask is a new red creature coming to New Capenna, a new set of Magic Online cards. This sneaky creature has two sneaky good abilities. First, it can blank an opponent’s draw step, forcing them to discard a card instead of drawing. This ability forces your opponent to change their game plan, which is great for red decks. Urabrask will be available in New Capenna on April 28 and on Magic Arena on April 29.

Phyrexian praetor

The Phyrexian Praetor in Urabrask is a red-aligned planeswalker. He’s a planeswalker that possesses the ‘Planar Bridge’ ability, which allows him to travel to other planes. As he travels to these other planes, his organic flesh is burned away. This makes him a very powerful opponent for red decks.

Planar Bridge

After a long battle, a praetor who had been wounded by the Planar Bridge is brought to New Capenna. He is in critical condition, but believes he has the ability to defeat the Elesh Norn. Urabrask asks Vivien to bring him Halo, so he can study it. But first, Vivien needs to find Elspeth.

Urabrask was still too damaged to travel by Planar Bridge yet, and Vivien would have to wait for several weeks before Urabrask was healed. That would give her some time to collect Halo and find out about Elspeth’s special abilities.

Sneaky good ability

The Urabrask is a red-aligned Praetor that appears in the Streets of New Capenna Magic: The Gatherings set. Its sneaky good ability allows you to draw more cards than your opponent, which is great for red decks. In addition, you can play a top card, which will allow you to play a more powerful card.

Urabrask is a 5-mana 4/4 with haste. It has a sneaky good ability that causes your opponent to draw from his library on the first turn of his upkeep. This can be a powerful card, especially against control decks. Urabrask can also lock out opponents from casting spells or restrict them from using them.

Phyrexian creature card

The new street expansion will feature a red Phyrexian Praetor called Urabrask. The card will appear in the Streets of New Capenna and be the third Phyrexian creature in over a year. This card can be used to help your opponent defend himself against a planeswalker or opponent with a different color scheme.

Phyrexians were once native to Phyrexia, a plane destroyed during the invasion of Dominaria. Though Phyrexians have not been completely wiped out, they have been corrupted by a substance called “Glistening Oil.” This oil was crafted by the human Yawgmoth during his quest to find the cure to Phthisis in Thran. Afterward, he went mad and created the first true Phyrexians.

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