Vargas Models

Vargas Scale Models, a newly established resin 3D printed model manufacturer, released their inaugural release with an US Christie M1921 model in 1:72 scale.

Vargas agrees with McGeer that responsible agents’ characteristics must reflect moral considerations; however, this doesn’t require them to interpret their behaviors as moral in nature.

Early Life and Education

Principal Vargas-Guevara has made it her mission to transform South Street School in Danbury into an example of inclusiveness, breaking down barriers between students and teachers by providing culturally sensitive materials, training staff in best practices for racial equity and mental health, and creating meaningful connections between families.

She was his muse, his one true love and the model for his legendary Vargas Girl pin-ups which appeared in Esquire and Playboy for sixty years. Her beauty and charm cemented her place in American popular culture; yet unfortunately her life was cut tragically short due to sexual assault and the AIDS pandemic; when she passed at 86 it came as a shock for both husband and two sons as much as it did for their artist son.

Professional Career

Vargas University provides a holistic model of career preparation that emphasizes academic, personal and professional aspects of learning. Programs at certificate, undergraduate and graduate levels are available both traditionally and online formats.

As Vargas canvassed Manhattan publishers for work, one name kept coming up: Esquire magazine – best known for featuring George Petty’s scantily clad pin-ups – kept cropping up as his primary target. Undeterred by this, he created his own version: Vargas Girl who would eventually appear not only on Esquire covers but also posters supporting the war effort as well as bombers and fighter planes bound for battle.

Jade Vargas has graced runway shows and pageants across the United States, modeling both locally and nationally. Additionally, she provides modeling training services including runway, pageants and public speaking techniques for models.

Achievement and Honors

Vargas’ model stands out for its remarkable accuracy and faithfulness to the original, with incredible levels of detail that push 3D printing capabilities to their limit. His accomplishment is truly astounding, and speaks volumes of his skill as an artist.

Vargas brought new energy and perspective to CSUN’s EOP transitional programs (which offer special workshops, classes and tools designed to assist new students acclimating to university life), consulting EOP officials across the CSU system on policies that would benefit marginalized students.

Vargas’ vision for education continues to shape curriculum and instruction at the university. The school aspires to strike a balance between academic scholarship and real world practical skills while nurturing personal, social and emotional competencies and knowledge.

Personal Life

Vargas was known for being a kind and gentle soul in both his personal life and charitable giving, raising thousands for various organizations such as Esquire magazine in the 1940s and 50s and later Playboy for 16 years. His lasting legacy can be found in the form of pin-up girls he designed during this period.

An early subject was Anna Mae Clift, a dancer from Greenwich Village Follies who would become known as an archetypical Vargas Girl. Her figure featured ample breasts with narrow waist, full but not fleshy thighs and long legs- characteristics which aligned well with America at that time.

She was known as Vargas “Little Miss.” With measurements of 5′ 7″ and 121 pounds, she boasted a 37-inch bust. She posed for several paintings including this 1952 TRUE Magazine nude photo shoot.

Net Worth

Vargas Models is a prominent fashion vlogger, YouTuber and Instagram celebrity known for her signature fashion content on these platforms. Shein is the apparel brand with which she serves as brand ambassador. A fitness enthusiast herself, Vargas takes care to follow a healthy diet as well as engaging in workouts and yoga practices regularly to stay in shape.

Her videos related to fashion, beauty, lifestyle, DIY projects, challenges and product reviews are enjoyed by millions of followers on Social Media. Her viewers admire her adorable smile, seductive body and vibrant personality.

She is an intelligent and hard-working lady, which has allowed her to achieve such success at such an early age. Her main source of income comes from modeling; with years of career ahead of her this will only add wealth in future. Currently residing in US

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