Vera Ellen Pink Dress

Vera Ellen in a Pink Dress for “White Christmas”

During her first number in “White Christmas,” Vera Ellen wore a beautiful pink dress. She looks like a classic Barbie come to life in this sweet number, and she is a delight to watch as she slinks down the dance floor. The lace detail is exquisite, and the darker petticoat shows only when her skirt swishes up.

Her Costumes

It is no surprise that her costumes for this movie were made by Edith Head, the same woman who created them for many other great stars. This time she worked with the actress Vera Ellen to hide her low weight by making her look beefier, adding white to her appearance and swaggling her hips. It was an extremely difficult task, but Head got the job done and she is a star in her own right for the film.

Her Red Santa Gowns

The red Santa gowns are probably the most iconic of all the costumes in the movie, but they are also the most rare and mysterious. The originals are lost, but the Clooney House has located a replica that is remarkably accurate and matches both in color and design.

Her Dance Costumes

Among her most memorable dance scenes in “White Christmas” are Vera Ellen’s and Rosemary Clooney’s “Sisters” and her “Mandy” number. In these dance numbers, she and Gene are slinky and sexy, and they do a great job of letting us see what they are thinking and feeling without words. They also do a great job of communicating the emotion of their sexual attraction to each other.

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