Virgin Voyages Commercial Song 2022

Virgin Voyages Commercial Song 2022

In fact, if you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern day life, there is a place in the sun for you. The latest entrant in the luxury cruise market is Virgin Voyages. The brainchild of the Virgin Group, a company that owns a variety of airlines, space travel and even a plethora of ecommerce offerings, the aptly named Virgin Voyages has a grand vision. The neophyte line up of ships and destinations is set to take off on a number of different itineraries. The company will offer up to 950 voyages in a slew of countries.

As of last October, Virgin Voyages was at sea, sailing from Miami to the Caribbean and the Mexican Riviera. The line is open to adults 18 and up, with the option of booking in pairs. The brand has unveiled its second ship, the Valiant Lady, and plans to announce the third, the Resilient Lady, in the near future. While you might have to wait a while to get on board one of these luxury liners, you can check out the latest Virgin Voyages promo videos on their YouTube channel.

Despite having been around for only a year, the company has already won several accolades. Its Scarlet Lady, for instance, was rated the best new cruise ship of 2021 by the editors at Cruise Critic. The ship is also home to an air purification system from AtmosAir Solutions, which has been lauded as the industry’s first bow-to-stern system. Moreover, the company is also giving 1,000 free voyages to lucky winners.

While the ole virgin’s cab is not on the horizon, the company is not short of talent. Jennifer Lopez recently signed on as the newest member of the Virgin Voyages team. She joined the line’s inaugural “Fire & Sunset Soirees” itinerary, which included a visit to Nassau and the Caribbean. The twosome also discussed the company’s vision for the future in a recent video, as well as the company’s appointment of the sexiest woman on the planet. The duo is only the second official couple to have joined the line, following model Emily Blunt. Aside from being the world’s only female captain, Jennifer is also a big fan of the cruise line, having visited on a number of its predecessors.

Aside from the aforementioned perks, the company has a handful of restaurants, a blow-dry bar and, perhaps most impressively, a smattering of sex-friendly amenities. And if that isn’t enough, Virgin Voyages also offers a number of entertainment options, including a theater, a drag brunch and even a tattoo parlor. The company even goes so far as to let guests bring their pet dog along. The company has also nailed the adult-only fun factor, with no tipping policy and a strict no kids rule.

In the past year, the company has announced several enticing promotions. In addition to its most famous ship, the Scarlet Lady, Virgin Voyages will soon introduce a sister ship, the Valiant Lady. This ship is slated to be the largest in the company’s fleet, and is also the only ship in the line to feature an air purification system, which is touted as the industry’s first. The company will also launch a line of adult-only ships in Spain, and will operate up to 50 such itineraries in other parts of the globe, with a smattering of other ports of call.

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