Virginia Mayo Net Worth

Virginia Mayo became an American star during the 1940s and 1950s with movies like White Heat and The Best Years of Our Lives. Her beauty and talent helped establish her as a popular leading lady, earning critical praise as well as garnering her an enthusiastic following of fans.

How much is Virginia Mayo’s net worth?

Early Life and Education

Virginia Mayo was born in St. Louis, Missouri on November 30th 1920. Beginning her career as a stage actress she quickly established herself in 1940s cinema as one of its top movie stars; becoming known for both acting and dancing skills that soon made her one of America’s favorite stars.

Samuel Goldwyn saw her performance in Banjo Eyes and offered her film roles such as White Heat and The Best Years of Our Lives.

Her roles challenged traditional gender roles and helped break down barriers for women in film industry. She was truly a trailblazer during her time and her work on screen inspired many contemporary actresses as well as appearing on various television programs.

Professional Career

Virginia Mayo started out her career in theater acting, traveling the country with her act until Samuel Goldwyn signed her to an agent contract and allowed her to work on higher budget productions with more prominent stars.

She became famous for her all-American blonde beauty. With slender beauty and expressive features that made her stand out amongst the competition in the 1950s, she was an instantaneous success in films such as Danny Kaye’s Sam Goldwyn Technicolor musicals as well as frequent Warner Bros appearances in “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”, “White Heat”, and “South Sea Woman”.

She worked alongside top men such as Joel McCrea, George Raft and Rex Harrison – for example in “Flaxy Martin”, “The Silver Chalice”, and “King Richard and the Crusaders”. Additionally she appeared in various westerns as well as taking on dramatic roles – plus guest starring roles on numerous TV series.

Achievement and Honors

Virginia Mayo’s captivating beauty caught the eye of producer Samuel Goldwyn and she began making film appearances early in 1943; her first one being Jack London.

Soon she became one of Hollywood’s foremost proponents of the girl-next-door image and an extremely popular box office draw, alongside redheads such as Maureen O’Hara and Arlene Dahl. Soon she became a fixture of Technicolor screen entertainment.

Later in her career she appeared regularly on television programs including Wagon Train, Lux Playhouse and Burke’s Law; additionally, she made 12 guest appearances in Santa Barbara.

She married actor Michael O’Shea in 1947, and they had one daughter together. Sadly, she passed away at 84 in January 2005 and was interred at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills Cemetery.

Personal Life

Virginia Mayo was an American actress renowned for her stunning beauty and versatile acting ability in Hollywood during the 1940s and 50s, appearing in films such as White Heat and The Best Years of Our Lives.

Virginia Clara Jones was born in St Louis, Missouri to an ancestor who had served in the American Revolutionary War and helped found East St Louis, Illinois.

Mayo’s film career began slowly but steadily became more and more successful as each role she took was seen to. She first made an appearance with Bob Hope in 1943’s Banjo Eyes before quickly being cast in Raoul Walsh’s White Heat as Verna Jarrett (Verna) wife of Cody Jarrett, the murderous gangster Cody Jarrett’s widower who then killed off Cody himself. Colorado Territory followed soon thereafter before she earned praise for her performance in 1947’s The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

Net Worth

Virginia Mayo was an iconic actress of Old Hollywood with captivating beauty and charisma who still resonates today in film circles.

Born November 30th 1920 and died January 17th 2005 at 84.

She appeared in over 50 films during her career, amassing an impressive fortune for herself.

Mayo was also a trailblazer for women in film, showing them that women can be both beautiful and successful.

Michael O’Shea died in 1973 and left one daughter behind, although their personal lives and affairs remained discreet. She had alluring hazel eyes with honey-blonde locks – she kept all details about these private.

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