Walt Disney World Popcorn Bucket

Popcorn Buckets For Disney World and Disneyland

If you’re planning a trip to Walt Disney World or Disneyland you may be interested in purchasing a popcorn bucket. These buckets come in a variety of styles and designs, and can help you save money on snacks. There are also special buckets that are available for a limited time.

Popcorn buckets are available at all four of the theme parks in the Walt Disney World family. While they are not as popular as some other snack items, they are fun for Disney fans. Several of the buckets on the market today are refillable, which means that you can fill your bucket as many times as you wish for a nominal fee.

One of the more exciting items to hit the market lately is a new bucket from Disney. Figment, the mascot for the Epcot resort, has a popcorn bucket that has been a huge hit with guests. This bucket supposedly has everything from attractions from all four of the Walt Disney World theme parks, and a special drink included. It has also been described as the ‘best popcorn bucket ever’, a description attributed to a Disney cast member.

Another popcorn bucket that has caught the fancy of Disney fans is the ‘Happy Holidays’ Toy Story popcorn bucket. The Toy Story bucket was first introduced at Tokyo Disneyland and will soon be in rotation at Walt Disney World. A similar bucket is also available at the Magic Kingdom’s popcorn cart. Its design is similar to the musical popcorn tin, and it even includes an access panel for batteries.

For those who aren’t into the Toy Story craze, there are other funky and fun popcorn buckets to choose from. There are the ‘Mickey’s Snow Globe Sipper Cup’, and the ‘Disney’s Hollywood Studios Musical Popcorn Tin’. Each has its own unique features, and they will be available in various locations. You can get a ‘Mickey’s Snow Globe’ at Walt Disney World, and a ‘Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ tin at Disneyland.

Among the many other cool buckets you can find at the Walt Disney World, the ‘Disney’s Hollywood Studio’ popcorn tin is not only a cute and fun design, but it will also be available in various locations through December 31. Similarly, the ‘Disney’s Happy Holidays’ Toy Story bucket was first launched during the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party in 2022, and will soon be available at the Magic Kingdom’s popcorn kiosk by the Jingle Cruise.

Of course, you’ll also want to check out the ‘Disney’s Hollywood studios’ musical popcorn tin, which will be in the Hyperion Theater. Both of these buckets are available at select locations throughout the park, including the Walt Disney World resort and Disneyland, as well as the Disney Springs resort. They are a great addition to the theme park experience, and you can buy a bucket with the ‘Mickey’s Snow globe’ sipper at Disney Springs for a reasonable price.

The ‘Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ musical popcorn tin is not only a cool way to eat your popcorn, it’s a cool gizmo.

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