wayne gretzky hair dye

Wayne Gretzky Hair Dye

It’s no secret that Wayne Gretzky is one of the greatest hockey players of all time. Considering that, it’s no surprise that his hair was one of the more colorful characters on the ice. In fact, it took a shoe polish, just for men, to create a new color for the Toronto Maple Leafs superstar.

In addition to his starring role in the NHL, Gretzky also played for the Los Angeles Kings in 1988-1996, and the New York Rangers in 1996-2001. For fans of hockey history, he is considered to be the most prolific scorer in league history. He is a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame, and has earned the distinction of being a member of the Order of Canada.

Gretzky’s illustrious career was a whirlwind ride, and he is credited with many firsts and notable achievements. One of the more noteworthy is his ability to tame the most volatile hockey player of all time. During his tenure with the Maple Leafs, he had a chance to face off against some of the best players of all time, including Mark Messier, Bobby Orr, and Gordie Howe. However, his most memorable moments came with the Tampa Bay Lightning, where he scored 13 goals in just under two games in 1991. Having a storable career in hockey isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, as a young Gretzky had to endure a fair share of naysayers.

Aside from his legendary career, Gretzky is also an accomplished chef and entrepreneur, and is a proud owner of a restaurant in the Toronto area. His casual eatery serves three poutine dishes (the real stuff, not the mediocre microwave variety), two-person Wednesday dinners for just a few bucks, and a 99-cent menu.

On the flip side, there’s no denying that Gretzky is a philanderer, as he’s been caught on several occasions cheating on his wife, actress Elizabeth Hurley. Nevertheless, he has managed to maintain the respectability of his name and he’s still got his name on the map in the eyes of sports fans, both in Toronto and beyond. The latest development is that he’s putting up a 40-story condo in downtown Toronto, which will be home to his restaurant, a state-of-the-art ice rink, and an exclusive suite for media and guests. If you’re in the mood for a gourmet meal, you can even have your own private table at the top of the building.

In addition to his on-ice prowess, Gretzky is a self-professed foodie, and his restaurant has a dessert he’s particularly proud of. The aptly named “99” Double Chocolate Puck is a must try, and comes in a slew of flavors, including milk chocolate, dark chocolate, caramel, and vanilla. Additionally, Gretzky’s menu includes a slew of vegetarian and gluten-free options.

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