Wendy Osefo Reunion Dress

The Wendy Osefo Reunion Dress Controversy

It isn’t hard to find fans who are upset about Wendy Osefo’s attitude on Project Runway, especially since she didn’t advocate for her designer. The real problem, however, was that she was matched with Kristina Kharlashkina, who didn’t have a very good design for Wendy. She walked down the runway with her dress and didn’t really seem to like it.

It’s unclear whether or not Wendy had any real idea of what she wanted when she first sat down with the designer. While she was happy to have something created for her, she didn’t seem too thrilled about it.

The Real Housewives of Potomac reunion looks were all about a roaring ’20s vibe, with plenty of bright colors and intricate beading. But one thing that stood out was Gizelle Bryant’s hot pink Aaron Michael gown. Her hair was styled by Kalixto Blount, and her shoes were made by Giuseppe Zanotti.

Another big deal for the show was that the designers had to create a reunion look for all seven of the ‘Wives. They were each given a different style to try on and were tasked with creating a look that would work with the other’s.

As far as the other designs went, Robyn Dixon’s sleeveless dress had a turtleneck neckline, satin material, and bandage wraps around her body. She also wore a mini quilted handbag to complete her outfit. Similarly, Monique Samuels’ gold geometric patterned dress was designed by Riley Knoxx Couture.

Meanwhile, Gizelle had a floor-length asymmetrical dress with strapless on the left side. It was also adorned with statement jewels. She wore her hair styled by Steven Thomas. In addition, she wore a mini pink quilted handbag and pink shoes.

After the episode aired, Wendy posted a photo of her own runway outfit on her Instagram account. The outfit included a ruffled, pink dress with silver jewelry. She also posed with husband Eddie.

Fans were divided over the controversy, with some defending Wendy’s attitude while others pointed out that she didn’t seem to have a lot of respect for Kharlashkina. Regardless, the designer was not eliminated from the challenge. This means that there is a chance that she may show up to the OC ‘Wives’ reunion.

Andy Cohen is the guest judge on this week’s project. He’s a well-known designer and television host. During the early seasons, he was an executive producer for the show. Now, he’s a host of Radio Andy, and he’s also a Project Runway judge.

Whether or not you believe Wendy’s design was bad, the show did a fantastic job putting together a reunion look for all seven of the Housewives. And it isn’t surprising that the competition was stiff. There are only seven remaining designers and they have to do their best to create the perfect look for each ‘Wife.

Aside from the Reunion Dress, the other big news this week is that Andy Cohen is the guest judge on this week’s Project Runway. That means he’ll be making an appearance on the show, which will air this Thursday at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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