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Wendy Williams Talks About Wells Fargo

During a recent interview, Wendy Williams talked about the struggles she’s had with Wells Fargo. She discussed the company’s decision to fire her, her financial troubles, and how she is still fighting to get her money back. She also talked about her court battle with Wells Fargo.

Financial troubles

During her hiatus from her self-titled talk show, Wendy Williams has been in financial troubles with her bank. Earlier this year, Williams’ Wells Fargo bank accounts were frozen. Her lawyer argues that she has been denied access to several million dollars in funds.

Earlier this month, Wells Fargo petitioned for a temporary guardianship of Williams’ finances. This guardian will be able to help manage her accounts. But, despite this, she is still prohibited from accessing her $20 million fortune.

Wells Fargo argues that Williams was the victim of financial exploitation and that she has no legal right to her money. But, the lawyer for Williams claims that the bank has been in possession of several million dollars of her funds for more than two weeks. And, she claims that Wells Fargo’s financial adviser has made false accusations that Williams was mentally unstable.

Williams has argued that Wells Fargo is in breach of its fiduciary duty. Wells Fargo opened millions of accounts without customers’ consent.


Earlier this year, Wendy Williams took an extended hiatus from her daytime talk show. She said the break was necessary to cope with her chronic health issues. She had previously talked about her struggles with Graves’ disease, which is an autoimmune thyroid condition that attacks the cells in the thyroid.

Now, the actress is pushing back against Wells Fargo, a bank she’s alleged defaulted on several bills with. The bank froze her account for two months and has requested a hearing to determine if she needs a legal guardian.

Despite her claims that she was not harmed, Wells Fargo sent a letter to New York Supreme Court Judge Arlene Bluth. In the letter, the bank stated that Williams “deficiency in funds” has resulted in her being unable to fulfill her financial obligations. She said the bank manager Schiller accessed her medical records.

Williams’s doctors have said she is suffering from Graves’ disease, which is an inflamed thyroid, and a form of autoimmune disease. This disease attacks the cells in the thyroid, resulting in over production of thyroid hormones. The symptoms of the disease include addiction, complications, and a decreased ability to produce thyroid hormones.

COVID-19 case

During a hiatus from her self-titled talk show, Wendy Williams has been battling health issues. She is diagnosed with COVID-19, a breakthrough coronavirus, and is undergoing medical treatment. She has also been spotted using a wheel.

Wendy Williams’ legal battle with Wells Fargo began when her former financial advisor, Lori Schiller, claimed that Wendy was of unsound mind. Schiller’s statement was denied by Wendy’s attorney, LaShawn Thomas. In a lawsuit, Williams’ attorneys claim that Wells Fargo is attempting to thwart her rights as a financial consumer by freezing her bank accounts.

Wells Fargo claims that the bank has the authority to freeze and suspend transactions. It is also claiming that it has several million dollars of Williams’ funds. However, Wendy’s attorney is demanding that the court demand access to her funds and statements.

According to the court documents, the judge will issue a temporary restraining order preventing Wells Fargo from freezing Williams’ assets. It is not clear whether Williams is going to be in court on Wednesday.

Court battle with Wells Fargo

Earlier this year, Wendy Williams sued Wells Fargo for denying her access to her bank accounts. The bank said it was freezing her accounts because of “financial exploitation”. Wells Fargo claims that Williams has been left “incapacitated”, and that it has the right to temporarily hold her funds.

Wells Fargo has denied Williams access to her accounts, and her attorney claims the bank has been holding several million dollars in her accounts for two weeks. He also claims Williams’ former financial advisor told the bank that she was unsound, but that the bank never acted upon that information.

Williams claims that she was left “to die” by the financial advisor at Wells Fargo. She also claimed that Wells Fargo denied her access to her son.

Wells Fargo has filed a petition for a temporary guardian to oversee Williams’ finances. The temporary guardian has been in place since March. The guardian is “financially savvy” and has been “confirmed” to manage Williams’ financial accounts.

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