What Best Describes The Bromide Ion That Forms

What Best Describes the Bromide Ion That Forms?

Bromine and an electron react chemically to form the bromide ion. It is highly reactive because it has seven electrons in the valence shell. To be in a balanced state, it must accept one electron. Once this happens, the bromine atom changes into a negative ion called Bromide, which has more valence electrons than the neutral Bromine atom.

Many organic compounds contain bromine. These compounds are called organobromo compounds. It can also create halons, which are carbon molecules with fluorine or chlor attached. Because they don’t cause damage to electronics, halons are often used in fire extinguishers. Methyl bromide is also a form of bromine that has been used as a fumigant in soils. However, this use is now being phased out due to the Montreal Protocols.

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