Which Best Describes The Purpose Of Justin Lebo

The Purpose of Justin Lebo

Justin Lebo’s inspiring story is inspiring and his work is unique. He was a bike mechanic who helped those in need. Rather than simply fixing bikes, he restored them and sent them to women’s shelters. Justin was also very kind and empathic.

Justin Lebo is a boy who lives with his parents. He enjoys old bikes and uses similes to describe them. He uses rising action and narrative voice. The way he uses words creates an eerie atmosphere. The purpose of his book is to educate the reader about a historical figure.

The project began when Justin was just eight years old. He needed help with his bike repair. He purchased an old junker at a garage sale and decided that he would refurbish it. Justin loved the challenge of refurbishing the bike. The bike was then donated to the Kilbarchan Home for Boys.

He also builds bikes for families in need and donates them to other boys’ homes. He also builds bikes for a shelter for battered women. He also replaces the parts on each bike. His efforts have attracted national attention and a variety of awards. Geraldo Rivera has named Justin an “American hero”, and he has received many other honors.

Justin spent most of his time looking for bikes at bargain prices in June and July. By August he had stripped down at least ten bikes in his yard. He also had time for his friends, his coin collection and his passion for marine biology. His passion for biking was the driving force that led him to his goal.

Justin’s passion to help people and the environment inspired his desire to donate his old bikes for poor families. He opened an account to deposit the money he had raised through donations. The bikes were delivered to the boys a week before Christmas. The joy that these boys felt encouraged him to make more bikes for other poor children. He continued this for four more years, until he was too tired and bullied at school. He almost quit the project because of the time and effort it took.

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