which best explains if quadrilateral wxyz can be a parallelogram

Which Best Explains If Quadrilateral XYZ Can Be a Parallelogram?

A parallelogram is a type of polygon with equal sides and angles. A quadrilateral with two parallel sides can be a parallelogram. There are two ways to prove a parallelogram. The first involves using diagonals to divide quadrilaterals into triangles. To prove a parallelogram, the second method uses opposite angles.

A parallelogram has two sides that are perpendicular. A rhombus, on the other hand, has two diagonals that meet at a right angle. The angles in a rhombus are equal. Thus, every rhombus is a parallelogram.

A quadrilateral is a parallelogram if it has two sides that are 15mm apart. It is not a parallelogram if one pair is shorter than the others.

A rectangle is another type of parallelogram. When the diagonals of a rectangle are equal, they form a rectangle. This is called a co-interior angle. In general, all angles in a rectangle are equal lengths. This can be confusing.

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