Which Of The Following Best Describes How A Switch Functions

How Does a Switch Function?

Although a switch can be used in many ways it is most commonly used to connect devices to a network. A switch also provides connections between devices at the edge of a network. It can create a mirror image of the data it receives from a host and send it to another device. Port mirroring is a process that allows you to create a mirror image of the data you receive from a host and send it to another device.

A switch can also determine the destination of individual traffic elements. This allows it to forward specific data to a computer rather than all. This means a switch can perform better than a hub on a busy network. This feature makes it a better option for businesses and organizations that frequently switch traffic.

In the network, a switch connects multiple cable segments. It then forwards each frame to the appropriate segment. It also acts as a link to the transmission media, enabling devices to send messages. It can also function as a LAN device by receiving a signal on one port and forwarding it only to the port where the destination device is connected.

A network switch is a small device that connects network segments. They are based on the OSI model. They function at Layer 2 of the OSI model and can connect two or more networks. A hub is a network switch that connects multiple Ethernet devices to a single network.

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