Which Statement Best Characterizes A Dictatorship

Which Statement Best Characterizes a Dictatorship?

A dictatorship is a government in which the ruler has absolute power over the people without any constitutional constraints. This term has a long history and is derived from the Latin word dictator, which referred to a temporary magistrate of the Roman Republic with extraordinary powers. Modern dictators have many similarities with ancient tyrants, such as those who ruled in Greece and Sicily, and use force and terror to obtain and maintain power. They may also employ mass propaganda to gain public support.

A dictatorship is a government that allows only a small group of individuals to have the power to make decisions on a national level. While a monarchy is ruled by an elected ruler and a national legislature, a dictatorship is run by a military leader who seizes power. The two types of governments are quite different, though they share similar traits. In a democracy, citizens have equal rights and the power to make their own decisions.

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