Which Statement Best Summarizes This Passage

Which Statement Best Summarizes This Passage?

Lily is often seen dancing in this passage. It is unlikely that Lily has a professional career in dance. This is a hobby. Lily’s passion for dancing may be a result of her youth, and not society’s expectations. She doesn’t appear to be competitive with her superior, and she does not publicly defend her choice of profession. So, which statement best summarizes this passage?

This passage shows that top talent predicts a team’s success more than its number of players. Teams with higher levels of top talent have lower success rates than those with less. This may explain the difference between the two types of teams in baseball, but it does not explain the difference in the number of players on the field.

The passage also discusses the impact of blue LEDs on the environment. While both passages agree that blue LEDs are problematic, the passages disagree on the impact of this technology on human beings. The passages also do not mention the difficulty in manufacturing blue LEDs. This is important to remember when choosing your answer.

The author wants to persuade listeners to join his Great Society. This is accomplished by his repetition. The answer C doesn’t reflect his goal of persuading others to join the fight. It is not in line with his tone and does not reflect his vision.

The first lighthouse was a mighty tower in ancient Egypt. It was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The Pharos tower was so high that ships approaching the city could be guided by fire beacons. This tower was constructed to warn sailors about dangerous weather conditions. However, the first lighthouse that was used to warn sailors was not as large as today.

The Establishment Clause prohibits the government’s establishment of a religion or favoritism. This clause applies to state and federal governments. Furthermore, it prohibits government from funding a religion. It also prohibits the government funding intrastate highways. These actions would be unconstitutional.

Adapting to a new environment is an essential part of human evolution, and the power to adapt has helped humans through every stage of our evolution. Some scientists have wondered whether we are emotionally connected to our ancestors, Homo erectus. In fact, they have evolved so quickly that many wonder if we can actually feel that emotional connection.

The passage emphasizes the importance of temperature regulation but fails to mention technology that can prevent memory loss. This theory is plausible and feasible, fortunately. And we will soon be able to use these new techniques to save human memory. Which statement summarizes this passage best?

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