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Willie Daniels Net Worth

Willie Daniels was one of the original Highwaymen. Since childhood he had an interest in art; he painted his first masterpiece on top of a King Edward cigar box when living three houses down from Mary Ann Carroll and becoming friends with Roy McLendon and Harold Newton in Fort Pierce in 1960.

Early Life and Education

Daniels channeled his energy into sports and arts as he developed himself; lettering in both track and football at Macon High School before earning a full scholarship to Mississippi State University.

Later he relocated to Fort Pierce, Florida, working as a truck driver while painting. His art was sold from the trunk of his car along Florida highways; as a result it has since been highly acclaimed, with him being recognized by Florida Highwaymen’s Hall of Fame in 2004.

Voice actor of KITT on Knight Rider and an accomplished stage and theater actor (John Adams in 1776 musical). Also appeared in several television series and films.

Professional Career

Willie Daniels had an accomplished professional football career and created an idyllic life for himself and his family. A standout at Macon High School, Daniels later played for both Pittsburgh Steelers and Los Angeles Rams before retiring due to illness in 2002.

He was an enthusiastic runner and golfer, actively supporting junior baseball leagues as a major sponsor and helping organize an Oktibbeha County Cancer Crusade each year. Additionally, he belonged to both Mississippi State’s “M” Club and Bulldog Club memberships.

He founded Shades of Blue to advance Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education among minority communities. A passionate supporter of arts, he served on the Board of the YMCA in Starkville while being an active member of both First United Methodist Church in Starkville and Savage Bible Class.

Achievement and Honors

William Daniels boasts an extensive and distinguished acting resume. He has appeared in renowned films and TV series such as Boy Meets World and Two for the Money; in addition, he’s been seen on Broadway.

Daniels has earned numerous honors for his work. This includes being awarded with the American Society of Cinematographers Gold Medal as well as four Academy Award nominations.

Hollywood’s highly competitive camera fraternity boasts some truly outstanding practitioners of their craft. Willie Daniels stands out among all directors of photography; his name can be found near the top of every list when it comes to cinematographers; his work can be seen in such movies as Harvey, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Ocean’s 11. Daniels is widely known for his impeccable attention to detail.

Personal Life

Daniels began painting as a child, creating his first work on top of a cigar box. Moving to Fort Pierce in 1960 and living three houses down from Mary Ann Carroll and later Roy McLendon and Harold Newton, Daniels soon discovered a passion for painting that continued throughout his adulthood.

He enjoyed building model ships and reading history books in his free time, while embracing Reggae music and culture – an interest which led him to spend over 15 years at VP Records.

He was best-known for his portrayal of teacher George Feeny on Boy Meets World. This character became beloved to many young viewers; and was an experienced actor he will surely be missed.

Net Worth

William Daniels currently boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $10 Million dollars from his career spanning television, film, and theater. Daniels capitalized on the success of The Office to launch another highly-successful series: Parks and Recreation.

As an accomplished actor and Emmy Award-winner, Dr. Mark Craig made him one of the most beloved characters on television. Additionally, younger audiences recognize him from Boy Meets World where he played Mr. Feeny; on Knight Rider he voiced KITT and won two Emmy Awards for his efforts.

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